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Adjustable-height Desks and Tables


Of course we're biased, but we're very confident: our new adjustable-height computer sit-stand desks, workstations, and retrofit line combines our knowledge of the best standing desk ergonomic solutions with our commitment to offering only the hottest styles. That means when you buy from Applied Ergonomics, we deliver a desk or base that offers you best-in-class ergonomic features… and it simply looks fantastic in your home or office. So we give you the best value for your dollar, every time.

We employ just-in-time manufacturing to custom build each and every desk just for you. If you count each and every one of the product options, there are literally thousands of combinations you can build, but if you don't find exactly the finish or style that works for you (or don't know enough about them to make an educated choice), please contact us and we'll make sure you get just what you want!


“From our blog: “How to select a Sit-Stand””