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Alley Oop Balance Board / Ergonomic Rocker

Brand: Wurf™
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We have been lucky to have had the opportunity to work with the people from Wurf as their philosophy is similar to ours--they're innovators in product development and laser-focused on creating clever ergo solutions that simply help people feel better.

Part of the appeal of Wurf's new all-wood Alley Oop Ergonomic Rocker/Balance Board is the improved freedom of movement. We'll call it "omni-directional" as that is exactly how the Alley Oop Balance Board moves. The variably curved bottom allows you to rock in any direction in a smooth and stable movement that stimulates blood flow to the legs to reduce fatigue without breaking your work focus or concentration.

What really stood out to us when we first tested was the improved "feel" and "control" of the board... no doubt the all-wood construction is in play here. Using it feels a lot like riding a real surfboard, or for those of us between the coasts, a large skateboard which offers you ample stability and control, but at the same time you can move around on it very freely. It was difficult for one of our testers to resist the urge to keep "walking" it across the room. By the way, it works equally well on hardwood, laminate or carpeted floors, though we definitely recommend protecting your hardwood floor before "surfing".

Definitely one of the most amazing things about the Alley is the range of beautiful wood veneers available. It looks much more expensive than the price point would suggest, and given that practically anyone who can stand upright can use it, it looks like a good bet for a gift for those extraordinarily hard-to-please.


Why the Alley Oop Balance Board/Ergonomic Rocker?

The Alley Oop is a stable rocking board with a full 360-degree arc. No training is necessary, you just walk up on it and ride. Though it is quite easy to balance your body weight on it, the 360-arc promotes a slow, gentle rolling motion which in turn produces enough micro-movements in your lower body to stimulate blood flow in a wide variety of standing positions. The result: more standing/more comfort.




Alley Oop Balance Board Specifications

   •  Size options: Medium (22” x 12” x 1.8”), Large (25” x 14” x 1.8”)
   •  Color options: Bamboo with Stripe, Gray, Cherry, Ebony, Maple
   •  Composition: Layered wood with a stain and lacquer finish
   •  Bottom Shape: Uniquely curved to rock in any direction
   •  Traction: TPU plastic coat for non-slip, no scuff on any type of flooring
   •  Max. user weight: 350 lbs.


Choosing a Size

   •  Medium: Optimized for anyone under 6'. Some customers over 6' prefer the Medium because they are closer to the edge and this encourages them to change foot positions more often.
   •  Large: Optimized for anyone 6' and above. Some customers below 6' prefer the Large because they prefer a more spacious platform to rock on. There is also more room on the Large for shoes with significant heels.


It's more effective than a typical Anti-Fatigue Mat

The Alley Oop Balance Board acts like an anti-fatigue mat because your feet, legs, and back don't get as tired when you use the board compared to standing on a solid or even cushioned surface. When you're on the Alley Oop you're always moving, sometimes imperceptibly (good, right?), and reducing the possibility of discomfort or fatigue which is the normal result of standing in the same position for long periods of time.

Picture a pressure map of your feet. Every time you alter you stance, the pressure points change and disperse your weight in different ways—if you hang your heels off the back, then the pressure targets your arches; if you tilt forward, then the pressure moves to the balls of your feet. The fluid motion and the added stability of the gradual curve allow you to stand more comfortably in a variety of positions that don't distract. 


What are the Benefits

   •  It's versatile—helps you change foot positions often for increased blood flow
   •  “Walkable”—easily adjust your distance from your desk
   •  Excellent for leg, foot and ankle stretching and mobility exercises
   •  Deskercise-capable—twist in place for an effective core workout
   •  Easy to slide under your desk or back out again—no bending over required
   •  It looks great—elegant lacquered wood finishes make it an instant conversation starter
   •  Used best on carpet, wood, laminate, and tile floors


Video - Alley Oop Balance Board 


Warranty Information

Our boards come with a 2 year hassle free warranty against manufacturer’s defect. This includes all parts and pieces sent with the Rocker! If you have a concern you would like to share, email it with pictures to We are here to help!

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