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  • Axel pavilion and workstation.
  • Axel pavilion executive offices.
  • Axel pavilion and workstations.
  • Axel workstations with adjustable tables
  • Axel semi-enclosed pavilion office for individual work.
  • Axel workstations.
  • Axel 120-degree workstations.
  • Axel executive office.
  • Axel lounge pavilion.
  • Axel pavilion and workstations.

Artopex Axel

Brand: Artopex
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Axel™ is the newest generation of tile systems furniture by Artopex. Its high value and build flexibility make it a system appropriate for both large-scale build-outs as well as creative functional designs within a smaller footprint in existing office settings.

Axel offers innovative workstation configurations that naturally combine individual and collaborative work.

Pavilions allow you to create designated meeting zones, respite rooms, private offices, etc., and an extended choice of finishes (laminate, felt, acrylic and fabric) provides high design flexibility. Ambient noise management is improved with the acoustic fabric and felt tiles, and the slated ceilings with acoustic felt. Axel offers efficient electrical wiring and cable management.





Axel workstations



Axel workstation and soft seating area



Axel lounge pavilion




Axel pavilion and workstation



Axel 120-degree workstations



Axel pavilion executive conferencing




Axel semi-enclosed pavilion office for individual work



Axel pavilion and workstations



Axel workstations with adjustable tables



Axel = multipurpose task spaces

Axel adapts to your users' needs, not the other way around: create open area workstations, collaborative spaces, acoustic meeting rooms, relaxation areas, manager offices, closed offices, nomadic stations... all with one flexible, creative office solution.


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