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  • Back App 2.0 in Silver Grey Finish, Alcantara Porcelain Blue Fabric & Red Adjustment Ball
  • Back App 2.0 in Black Finish, Skai Black Vinyl & Black Adjustment Ball with Back App Wheels
  • Back App 2.0 in Black Grey Finish, Alcantara Mandarin Fabric & Red Adjustment Ball with Back App Wheels
  • OPTIONAL Back App 360 Adjustable Balance Board - Gray

Back App Chair

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Several years ago we met with Dr. Freddy Johnsen, inventor of the BackApp chair. After suffering through two back surgeries, Dr. Johnsen conceived the BackApp chair to exercise the stabilizing muscles in your back while sitting. As well as being aesthetically just a really nice looking, stylish chair, we were compelled by the proposition of an ergonomic chair which promoted this type of moving in an office environment where it is obviously needed. We were impressed by several published medical studies which demonstrated how it reduces the effort to maintain a neutral sitting posture and its effect on lumbar posture and trunk muscle activation.

So naturally, we brought one into our Ergo Lab for our team to evaluate.

What makes this chair stand out is the patented rubber ball mechanism which allows adjustment of the rotation radius for core muscle flexion. In layman's terms, one of our team members likened the movement to sitting on a pilates ball, a prescription from his chiropractor whose advise he sought after deciding "going under the knife" to fix his back pain was too risky. This gentle circular motion activates core muscles and the user never feels unstable or out of control as the weight of the chair, along with the wider footprint, helps maintain the center of gravity more easily. This adjustment is very easy as the ball mechanism is rubberized and simple to grip, and you can go from "no movement" to "maximum movement" in just seconds. We recommend that new users start on a low movement setting and gradually increase it as they become more familiar with the action of the chair.

It is a saddle-type seat, so those who wear skirts or have very wide hips should be advised. BackApp says they're working on a solution to these issues, so stay tuned. Regardless, one of our female testers who is familiar with saddle chairs described it as "not so severe a saddle", so whether your hips are wide or narrow, the superior padding and seat comfort make this a solid choice for an ergonomic office chair.

The BackApp also features a nice range of height adjustment (24" to 33") that makes it a perfect solution for sit-stand desk users of all sizes. We also like it for taller stationary desks and conference tables. The lowest seat height, however, is 24" (without the Wheels*, which add another inch), and this may be too high for some users who intend to use it at regular desk height, so measure first. One reviewer mentioned that sit-stand desk users may not even be inclined to use either desk or chair in the low height range because it is so comfortable at higher settings.

There are two upgrades to the BackApp Chair that we rate "highly recommended":

1. *BackApp Wheels: it's more than just wheels--it is more accurately described as a sturdy platform with casters which conforms to the base of the BackApp Chair. One of our testers, a larger gentleman, says he wouldn't be without the wheels and has been gleefully rolling around the office telling us how sturdy it is when he sits up high. So if you need to roll, definitely get the wheels.
2. BackApp 360: a great complement to the BackApp chair which takes the ergonomic benefit all the way down the body--it promotes subtle training to muscles and joints, especially in the ankle, leg, knee and hip producing mild training all the way up to the back. It stimulates circulation in the legs, especially in the calves, and may help prevent injuries in the ankles, knees and hips.


Keep moving throughout the day by balancing on the adjustable Magic Ball.


Get your legs energized by complementing your Back App experience with the Back App balance board.


Bring even more mobility to your day by adding wheels to your Back App chair.


Back App 2.0

  • The Back App base frame is made from 99.9% recycled die-cast aluminum and is available in Silver Grey finish.
  • The ball in the base is molded onto a tube and can be screwed into and out of the aluminum frame to control the tilt of the chair. A tilt indicator with green and red color is integrated in this tube. Black ball color is an option.
  • Back App comes with one lift height suitable for the most people.


The seat is available with the following fabrics:

  • Nordic Wool - Black felt wool
  • Skai Palma - Black steam permeable synthetic leather
  • Alcantara - Composite Material in four standard colors 


Back App 360

On the Back App 360 you stand and balance comfortably in all directions. This provides subtle training to the muscles and joints especially in the ankle, leg, knee and hip producing mild  training all the way up the back. Back App 360 stimulates circulation in the legs, especially in the calves. Back App 360 helps prevent injuries to the ankles, knees and hips. Back App 360 Comes in Dark and Light grey and is made of recyclable thermoplastics. Turning the red knob adjusts the tilt level.


Back App Wheels

It is easy to upgrade the Back App to be mobile. Just add Wheels. The comfort of the original design is retained but with the ability to move the chair on the floor. Is made from 99.9% recycled ingot-molded aluminum and comes in Silver Grey. Compatible with all Back App 2.0 and all Back App Office chairs. No assembly required... just place the Back App chair on the Back App Wheels. Back App Wheels is made from 99.9% recycled ingot-molded aluminum and comes in Silver Grey.


Back App 2.0 and Back App Wheels are assembled in Anderstorp in southern Sweden and almost all parts are produced within a 20 km radius.


Balancing all day made easy
Get fit with Back App

Sitting on the Back App Chair
On the Back App Chair with the adjustable Magic Ball and your feet on the footplate you will:

  • sit more upright with less effort
  • burn more energy +19%
  • exercise your core muscles in lower back-end neck

Standing on Back App 360
On the 360 Balance Board with the adjustable Magic Ball you will:

  • exercise joints and muscles in ankles, legs, knees and hips
  • improve posture
  • improve blood circulation

Back App Chair
On the Back App you sit tilting in all directions with your feet on a footplate padded with a soft damping material.
By turning the ball up or down you easily adjust the tilting movement.
The sitting position and the gentle motion ensure a wonderful sitting experience both with and without wheels.
Back App 360
Balancing on Back App 360 you are tilting in all directions.
By turning the red knob in either direction you easily adjust the tilting movement.
The soft ring shaped damping device makes the tilting experience comfortable for all users.




How to Use the Back App Chair


Back App Standard Fabrics


Back App Chair Guarantee

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