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4 Common Problems With Sit-Stand Desks And The Value Of Applied Ergonomics

Posted by Applied Ergonomics on

As a manager, team leader, or even at-home employee, you spend a lot of time at your desk. Modern trends have made sitting at a workstation more prevalent than ever, with more positions availing themselves on a monthly basis. While this is good news for many people, the issue does arise of sedentary habits and unhealthy consequences. If you are here because you are interested in learning about ergonomic desks, Applied Ergonomics is here and happy to help!

Our company specializes in ergonomic furniture such as our sit-stand desks for Chicago customers, and we’re ready to help you find the most advantageous fit for your office. We take a holistic approach to office ergonomics, providing complete quality from the floor up to keep your employees comfortable, healthy, and productive.

While we love talking about the value and beauty of our adjustable standing desks, the reality is that customers face a lot of difficulty in the industry when trying to find a high-quality outcome for their investment. Today, we’ll highlight four of the most common issues associated with inferior sit-stand desks, as well as the value of our high-quality products.

1 - Operational Issues

The value and convenience of your electronic sit-stand desk can be completely compromised if the machine fails to lift or lower the work surface to the proper height. More affordable units often rely on inadequate parts and components to provide short-term performance, and these desks may suffer frequent breakdowns. A standing desk that is stuck in the middle between sitting and standing is essentially worthless!

It pays to do your research into the quality of the ergonomic furniture you are considering before making the call. Reliable sit-stand desks can provide considerable peace of mind throughout the year, reducing downtime and delivering comfort day after day. If you’re not sure whether Applied Ergonomics is the right fit for your plans, be sure to request your free business consultation!

2 - Slow Lifting Mechanisms

Few employees realize how valuable every second of the day is until they are left with a slow-moving adjustable desk. Modern sit-stand desks are designed to be as fast as they are ergonomic, delivering quick results that will get you back to work faster. Lifting and lowering operations that occur at a crawl can seriously disrupt anyone’s productivity. Desks that take 45 seconds to lift, for example, may not seem present any issues. If you raise and lower your desk on an hourly or bi-hourly basis, however, the amount of time spent waiting can add up!

3 - Strange Noises

Adjustable desks make noise. However, the amount of noise you have to deal with will largely depend on the make and model of furniture purchased. Some sit-stand desks boast silent lifting operations, while others whine loudly for extended periods of time. If you invest in a desk that creates a lot of unnecessary buzzing, the results may prove to be very costly. Offices with lots of employees tend to harbor large amounts of noise, disrupting productivity as a result. If your floor is stocked with loud, whining sit-stand desks, employee frustration is inevitable.

A quiet workspace is a happy workspace. If your standing desks take forever to lift or lower, and they create a large amount of noise, you will likely see a dramatic decrease in employee satisfaction. Applied Ergonomics is here and always happy to help Chicago businesses find the best solutions for their workspaces.

4 - Incorrect Weight Capacities

One important aspect to focus on before purchasing your standing desk is its total weight capacity. Offices across Chi-Town depend on vastly different worktops to get the job done, meaning the weight capacity required may vary widely. You will likely find a desk with a 150-pound capacity to be more affordable than one supporting 265 pounds, with some makers offering vastly reduced prices, but don’t skimp on the quality to save money. Ergonomic furniture companies may offer a “max weight” limit to help guide consumers making an investment, yet many of these products fail to meet the advertised limit.

Sit-stand desks come in all designs, and some will simply be more stable than others. If you’re looking for a high-quality adjustable desk that perfectly fits your workspace demands, be sure to call Applied Ergonomics for a free consultation!

Applied Ergonomics is here to serve as your trusted resource for ergonomic furniture of all types. We specialize in creating high-quality, adjustable standing desks to help workers get up and moving more. Next time, we’ll conclude this list with four additional problems commonly associated with inferior sit-stand desks. If you’re a Chicago business that is ready to make the jump into the future with high-quality ergonomic desks, our team will be happy to assist you. We’re here and ready to help anytime. Contact us today to learn more, and be sure to schedule your free consultation!