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Applied Ergonomics Highlights The Value Of A Wurf™ Board For Your Sit-Stand Desk

Modern building designs are relying more and more on ergonomic design solutions to deliver comprehensive comfort and quality for a building’s employees and guests. Over the years, you want your employees to get better at their jobs and feel better while doing it. In many cases, poor building design can lead to a host of [...]

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Accessories To Make The Most Of Your Sit-Stand Desk From Applied Ergonomics

All across the country, businesses are realizing the health benefits that ergonomic furniture can provide for their employees. This furniture can reduce stress, prevent injuries, and decrease downtime, while enhancing productivity and workplace satisfaction. The science surrounding workplace ergonomics can be complex, with every office requiring its own unique size, style, and design requirements.If you [...]

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Explaining The Value Of Anti-Fatigue Mats For Your Standing Desks

Being more active and moving more in the office has become a popular choice for many employees in Chicago. Adjustable desks are one innovation that allows employees to sit and stand at their leisure, providing comfort in addition to the healthful benefits. The act of standing can do much to improve blood flow, reducing the [...]

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Tips To Minimize The Dangers Of Sitting Too Much In Addition To Our Standing Desks

There has been a lot of buzz recently surrounding the negative impacts of sedentary lifestyles and how our modern workplaces require hours of idle sitting. Many experts now champion ergonomic furniture solutions to assist in reducing the long-term strain brought on by repeated work motions. Applied Ergonomics has been in the business of providing quality [...]

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BAX-U CASE STUDY - Wellness and Ergonomics Impacting Performance

 WHY THE CASE STUDY   •  To explore other ways to incorporate wellness into ergonomics    •  To determine how impactful the BAX-U device could be to assist in the ergonomic corrective action process    •  To enable Seattle City Light employee to have additional, proven avenues to explore to improve their well beingHOW PARTICIPANTS WERE [...]

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Important Considerations When Investing In Sit-Stand Desks Part 2

Statistics and changing public perceptions have led to one conclusion in the workplace — sitting is the new smoking. Modern workplaces across the country rely on a dedicated workforce that often spends more than eight hours a day sitting at the computer. While working hard being productive are top priorities for companies of all sizes, [...]

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Important Considerations When Investing In Sit-Stand Desks Part 1

Prolonged periods of inactivity have been linked to a wide range of health concerns, and with so many of us parked in chairs for hours on end, there is a real need to take action and regain our healthful ways. Ergonomic furniture is paving the way for futuristic designs to help provide the best fit [...]

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Highlighting The Long-Term Health Benefits Of Sit-Stand Desks Part 2

In today’s morning workplace, businesses are realizing the value of taking care of their employees and carefully investing in beneficial products such as ergonomic furniture to produce the most healthful outcomes, benefiting everyone involved in the process. Modern offices are realizing the true potential of ergonomic desks, chairs, and more to enhance employee health and [...]

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Highlighting The Long-Term Health Benefits Of Sit-Stand Desks Part 1

As a business owner or manager, you are probably highly invested in the long-term health of your employees. Long hours burning the midnight oil can be just the sort of drive your operation needs, but the extended time spent in that office chair can begin to take a toll on your best workers. Numerous advancements [...]

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How to Select the Best Monitor Arm for your Desk

Hands down, the most common scenario for getting stuck with the wrong monitor arm is to search for one online, click on one of the less expensive ones and then purchase without fully understanding which one fits you best. Every now and then we all find great deals on the internet, but we shouldn't make the mistake of assuming [...]

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