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The Benefits of an Open Plan Office

If you’ve visited many offices recently, you’ll notice a new trend. Gone are many of the cubicle walls separating each worker. Today’s offices are utilizing an open concept design filled with ergonomic office furniture that allows workers to see each other and often work side-by-side. Why are so many offices using an open concept plan?Discover [...]

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Why Sitting is So Unhealthy

More and more studies are being done about one unhealthy habit almost all office workers are guilty of: sitting for hours and hours on end. It turns out that sitting can actually contribute to an increased risk of heart disease, stroke, and other potential fatal health problems. By why is sitting so unhealthy?How It’s Affecting [...]

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Ergonomics 101

There is a lot of information about ergonomics out there, and even more about the benefits of ergonomic office furniture. While the subject is important to workers and business owners alike, it can quickly become confusing when trying to sort through all of the available information. However, it’s also important that you educate yourself on [...]

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How Investing in the Right Computer Workstations Could Save Money Over Time

Many business owners seem to be reluctant to invest in better computer workstations for their team. While we understand that every business needs to watch their budgets and keep their bottom line in mind, we’ve also seen how an investment in the right workstations can actually save a company money in the long run. Discover [...]

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Meet Confluence: The Height-Adjustable Standing Conference Table

It is now official - the ordinary conference room will never be the same again thanks to the Confluence adjustable-height conference table by our friends at Focal Upright. In early December, at the National Ergonomics Conference and Exposition in Las Vegas, the Confluence won the 2014 Attendee’s Choice Award. What makes this conference table so [...]

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No Cords, No Wires, No Worries

At Applied Ergonomics we help with space planning, ergonomic consulting, office furniture products and installation, and much more. One aspect of how we work that sets us apart is that we are always open to new resources, and try to stay ahead of the curve with great new products that will make a difference in [...]

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Meet our Partner: Vanerum Stelter

Imagine sitting in a classroom as your teacher is about to commence the class. WHile there is muffled conversation throughout the room, you find it difficult to concentrate. The teacher surveys the class and then places her finger on the board. Instantly, an image of the solar system appears. The chatter stops and the classroom [...]

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Ergonomic Chairs: Wabi and Nikko

The Wabi and Nikko: Comparable Concepts, Unique Comforts We’ve said it before and it’s going to stay true: We’re chair snobs. There are far more bad chairs on the market than good ones, and I mean both low priced and high priced chairs. Just because a chair has a lot of bells and whistles doesn’t mean [...]

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Introducing the Mosso Pro Light

Sometimes being cool, being smart and doing good all come together. Or, why you really need swing arm task lights for your offices. Take a look at the pictures.The photos represent the same scene, at the same time of day, as seen by the eyes of average 20- and 60-year-olds. Pretty illuminating, isn’t it? At age [...]

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Hag Capisco for Sonographers

We’ve been getting a lot of calls lately from medical professionals who administer sonograms. This is a high risk occupation for shoulder injuries, and these doctors and nurses are experiencing occupation ending RSI’s (Repetitive Strain Injuries). The shoulder pain in some cases is radiating down to the elbows and fingers, causing numbness and tingling throughout, [...]

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