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How To Avoid Mistakes When Moving Your Office

This is kind of a different blog post. I’m going to tell you a story. I was out to dinner last night with my wife and our best friends. My wife has had her own business, as I have, for over 20 years. But about 4 years ago she had an idea for a new [...]

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What You Need to Know About Standing Desks - Part I

Standing desks and computer workstations have finally gone mainstream, and we are your experts. We’re going to be introducing a whole new section on our website for standing desk options. Meanwhile, there’s a lot to know and a lot of options for accomplishing the benefits you are looking for. [UPDATE: The website now features the ergonomic [...]

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Making Happiness Engineers Happier & Healthier, One Ergonomic Consultation at a Time

One of my very favorite clients in the last few years is Automattic, the brains and company behind Automattic has been at the bleeding edge of everything they do, as they practically invented blogging (maybe they actually did, I haven’t asked). Since we at Applied Ergonomics are in the business of furnishing commercial spaces, primarily [...]

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Are You Ready To FEEK Out?

At Applied Ergonomics, we really do take furniture seriously, because it makes a huge difference to your organization. And FEEK by Trendway is seriously fun, helping to bring creative spontaneous energy into your lobbies, informal collaborative spaces, student hangout areas and any other places that need to lighten up. It’s a whole new category of [...]

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Exciting News: AE Is Now The Exclusive Dealer In Chicago For Focal Upright Furniture

NeoCon 2013 had many highlights. One of the most exciting was the booth for Focal Upright Furniture. Focal is the brainchild of famed designer Martin Keen, creator of the Keen line of footwear. Designed as many revolutionary things are, to satisfy his own needs, the Focal Locus Workstation is neither a sitting nor a standing desk, [...]

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Applied Ergonomics completes McHenry Community Health Center

Applied Ergonomics recently completed a project for the McHenry Community Health Center, a new building that was built from the ground up with federal Reinvestment Act dollars.  We worked directly with the client's CFO, COO and head of Nursing to design and provide all of the furniture, signage and art.  The building's architect, Lisa Sharp, [...]

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