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Accessories To Make The Most Of Your Sit-Stand Desk From Applied Ergonomics

Posted by Applied Ergonomics on

All across the country, businesses are realizing the health benefits that ergonomic furniture can provide for their employees. This furniture can reduce stress, prevent injuries, and decrease downtime, while enhancing productivity and workplace satisfaction. The science surrounding workplace ergonomics can be complex, with every office requiring its own unique size, style, and design requirements.

If you have recently invested in one of our quality sit-stand desks in Chicago, congratulations! Applied Ergonomics’ quality approach to holistic office health begins with our standing desk options. While your stand-up desk may be great from day one, it may benefit you to know that your office can benefit from a plethora of ergonomic furniture accessories. Below, we have listed a few of these extras that are worth the investment. Be sure to contact us afterwards to learn more about personalized approach to your office demands!

Make Use of Timers

A variety of stand-up desk timers are available for those looking to measure their progress as they gain muscle tone and improve blood flow throughout the body. Many healthseekers will find that standing for long periods of time can cause discomfort, and overdoing it can create serious soreness the next day. Instead of going overboard (or not pushing it enough), employees can utilize timers to keep track of sit-stand periods. Setting a timer can also help individuals who get wrapped up in their work to remember to stand up.

Try Out Balance Boards

The days of sitting in an office chair for hours and hours are gone, as sit-stand accessories provide the most productivity and engagement while you work. Balance boards are engineered to help users tone their muscles, engaging each area in small amounts over the day to ideally improve energy, flexibility, and posture.

Applied Ergonomics is proud to stock Wurf™ Boards, because they promote optimal movement in the workplace. Users can adjust the tension to find the right level of control as they surf through the day, creating a fun way to get the blood pumping. These boards come in multiple sizes, including:

  • Santa Cruz Small, for users who weigh up to 200 pounds
  • Santa Cruz Medium, intended for workers who weigh up to 250 pounds
  • Santa Cruz Large, featuring a 32.9-inch by 17.7-inch surface for people who weigh 300 pounds
  • Maui Medium, delivering quality support for users who weigh up to 350 pounds

The micro-movements introduced by this balance board may be perfect in combination with your standing desk for improving health and productivity. As always, Applied Ergonomics is here to provide complete customer support for everything you purchase from us.

Invest in the Right Shoes

If your team plans on making the most of their standing desks, you can enhance their experience by suggesting the right footwear for the task. Formal office wear may mean that heels and wing-toe shoes are commonplace in your office, but workers that have more footwear flexibility can benefit from comfortable shoes when stationed at their adjustable desks for extended periods of time. Footwear that provides proper support for hours of standing can enhance the value of this investment.

Get Quality Support

Oftentimes, the best way to get the most out of your stand-up desk is to find a reputable company to partner with. Applied Ergonomics, for example, is here to provide complete office solutions for your workspace. Our sit-stand desks in Chicago are designed to provide the best results for optimizing the comfort and health of your office. Our team is here to provide complete support every step of the way, including auxiliary services such as:

  • Leasing and rental support
  • A/V systems
  • Window treatments
  • Interior design services
  • Flooring and carpet installations
  • Project management
  • Lighting audits and efficiency services
  • Much more

Nobody else provides such a comprehensive approach when enhancing the health of your business. Applied Ergonomics is more than just adjustable desks and accessories — we provide complete ergonomic solutions, from cubicle systems and floor plans to specialized keyboards and more. Regardless of your needs, our specialists can provide the best results with all of our sit-stand products across Chicago, including our desks and accessories. Contact us today for assistance and to receive a quote for your office!