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Applied Ergonomics Highlights The Value Of A Wurf™ Board For Your Sit-Stand Desk

Posted by Applied Ergonomics on

Modern building designs are relying more and more on ergonomic design solutions to deliver comprehensive comfort and quality for a building’s employees and guests. Over the years, you want your employees to get better at their jobs and feel better while doing it. In many cases, poor building design can lead to a host of problems, in many cases hurting the health and productivity of workers. Businesses in Illinois have relied on Applied Ergonomics for years to provide the best outcomes for clients across many industries, providing ergonomic furniture such as our sit-stand desks across Chicago.

We strive to create and stock only the best ergonomic furniture for all of our clients. If you invest with Applied Ergonomics, you’re sure to receive a high-quality, holistic approach to all of your design demands. One product that we gladly market alongside our adjustable desks is the Wurf™ Board. Today, we’ll highlight a few benefits that make this modern balance board so valuable. If you’re ready for top-quality ergonomic solutions for your business, including floor mats, complete office systems, and everything in between, contact us today!

Modern Benefits on the Go

Your new Wurf™ Board is designed to provide comprehensive benefits for users of all shapes, sizes, and skill levels. Many companies rely on finely tuned budgets to cut out excess and make adjustments for beneficial investments. Oftentimes, balance boards are seen as superfluous purchases that can be left to the employees’ discretion. Wurf, on the other hand, is here to deliver an array of advantages that other balance boards fail to match. Applied Ergonomics is proud to stock this transformative device, benefitting your employees with:

  • Durable construction - Wurf has worked hard over the years to further improve their stellar products, creating a mat that is sure to last. High-strength strands are tensioned between the top and bottom surfaces for long-lasting performance.
  • Comfortable surfaces - Expect long-term comfort with or without shoes. Stiletto heels are not recommended!
  • Adjustable benefits - Beyond the size options, you can also change the tension of your balance board to make it firmer or bouncier. Users can adjust this over time to meet their performance goals.
  • Light weights - These boards weigh two pounds, making them handy enough to go everywhere with you. They can also be stored easily by foot to stay out of the way when not in use.

A World of Exercises

Investing in a quality balance board for your office can be a big ordeal, so be sure your purchase is worth the price. Wurf’s website proudly features over 160 sit-stand desk exercises to keep people active and engaged throughout the day, sparking additional advantages when it comes to energy levels, focus, flexibility, and more. The act of standing alone can help to burn more calories, and engaging those muscles for added blood flow helps to increase comfort for longer standing periods. The result is often faster results for those seeking a healthy way to work.

Wurf is also happy to provide new techniques and accessories to make the most of your board. Employees of all levels of fitness, flexibility, or even those dealing with physical rehabilitation can find the proper support and comfort associated with Wurf™ Boards.

Positive Results

Applied Ergonomics is here to provide complete office solutions to match our sit-stand desks for every Chicago business.

  • Strengthen back, legs, and feet - Continual engagement provides noticeable results over time, often without the user experiencing any real discomfort. You can expect gains in your feet, calves, legs, and core after using a Wurf™ Board.
  • Reduce stress - Studies have shown that movement helps to increase blood flow, decreasing discomfort and paving the way for more positive emotions. This high-quality balance board can deliver stress relief in spaces where it is needed most.
  • Improve posture - By standing more and improving your muscle tone, you’ll be able to benefit from the relief offered by a proper posture. Expect long-term results for your team over the years as they strengthen their posture.
  • Increase endurance - Proper circulation is essential for muscle improvement, and a Wurf™ Board can help to improve upon this benefit by increasing your endurance. As our last blog pointed out, sit-stand users often rely on timers to measure their progress when increasing their endurance.

Regardless of your office’s needs, Applied Ergonomics is here to provide comprehensive quality with all of our ergonomic solutions, relying on our quality products and the best practices in the industry to create beneficial and affordable results for your business. Contact us today to receive a quote!