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Can Sit-Stand Desks Save Your Business Money? Our Ergonomic Furniture Team Explains

Posted by Applied Ergonomics on

These days, offices all across the country are looking for the most cost-effective ways to improve employee satisfaction, health, and productivity. Business owners and team leaders everywhere are ready to invest in cost-effective services and products, but only if they are worth it over the long term. If you are on this page because you are looking for ergonomic furniture, it may help to learn that Applied Ergonomics is here and ready to assist!

Our team proudly provides ergonomic solutions that are tailored to fit your company’s space, budget, and culture. We take a holistic approach to workplace health, and will gladly provide the comprehensive services needed to ensure that your building is optimized for long-term results.

While many businesses across Chicago may know the benefits of sit-stand desks, many more are unaware of the long-term savings associated with high-quality ergonomics. Investing the initial capital needed to enhance your space can be a challenge in today’s competitive marketplace. Today, we’ll focus on the long-term financial benefits expected from sit-stand workstations.

Reducing Absenteeism

Focusing on healthy activities in the workplace can have healthful benefits for every employee, but many managers fail to look at the big picture when it comes to worker health and absenteeism. Modernly defined as the practice of chronically missing work for a variety of reasons, absenteeism can take a major bite out of your bottom line. The costs of this problem include paying for sick time, lowered productivity, lower-quality services, training for possible replacements, and so on.

Presenteeism is another issue that can result in nearly the same outcome. Employees that come to work while sick can also expect reduced performance, slower recovery times, and the possibility of making others in the office sick. Studies have shown that these health problems can cost employers billions nationwide. One report cited that absenteeism costs upwards of $150 billion in a calendar year.

Applied Ergonomics is here to help promote the best health measures for your workspace, delivering ergonomic solutions that are tailored to best fit your industry needs, employee demands, and working budget. Our sit-stand desks give Chicago businesses the ability to keep their workers happy, engaged, and healthy for the long haul!

Increasing Engagement

Part of productivity stems from engagement. Research done by companies such as the Gallup Organization have done much to illuminate the full value of engagement in daily tasks, consistently showing that engaged employees are industrious employees. When your workers are not engaged in the task at hand, they are more likely to make errors. These minor mistakes can quickly add up for your operation, making it beneficial to seek out solutions to help promote engagement at all levels.

Ergonomic designs can help to increase engagement. Applied Ergonomics knows the complete value that can come from keeping your team happy, healthy, and focused on the job. Contact us today to learn more about our full-quality approach for your optimal performance!

Lowering Health Costs

Health care costs in this country have seemingly skyrocketed over the past decade, prompting many employers to seek out cost-effective alternatives to reduce their healthcare bill and promote employee health. Many investors are happy to learn that the solutions enacted by Applied Ergonomics can do much to promote improved employee health, reducing the burden placed on your health care provider. Problems such as cardiovascular disease are prevalent in this country, and the costs of these health problems can heavily impact your bottom line.

Increasing Productivity

The design of your work space can do much to determine how efficient your team is. Employees that can collaborate on daily tasks in a flowing workspace will tend to perform better than those stuck in cramped, confined spaces. Sit-stand workstations, for example, can be utilized in your floor plan to optimize communication and teamwork within each group structure, delivering results that are faster, more cost-effective, and less prone to errors.


As the previous statements have shown, the initial cost of ergonomic furniture is well worth the investment, as long-term benefits help to greatly offset your up-front expenses. More and more studies are being done to illuminate the advantages of this modern approach, as numerous health costs are reduced over the long term. In fact, most companies can expect to recover their costs within three years, providing these cost-effective advantages for as long as you have your ergonomic furniture. When you consider that high-quality sit-stand workstations can last for more than a decade, it should be easy to understand just how valuable ergonomics can be within the office setting.

Applied Ergonomics is here to provide the best options for each of our clients, and our sit-stand desks can help Chicago businesses enact healthful practices to promote employee health and satisfaction, reducing your company’s costs in the process. Contact us today to learn more about our holistic approach to complete office health, and be sure to ask for an estimate for your business!