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No Cords, No Wires, No Worries

Posted by Applied Ergonomics on

At Applied Ergonomics we help with space planning, ergonomic consulting, office furniture products and installation, and much more. One aspect of how we work that sets us apart is that we are always open to new resources, and try to stay ahead of the curve with great new products that will make a difference in the lives of our customers. With that in mind, we want to introduce you to a new product by Palmer Hamilton that we are now carrying: The RE-LOAD table. It's a brilliant new idea for use primarily in schools but also in corporate or other settings. The RE-LOAD table is a mobile charging station that doesn't need to be plugged in when in use. Instead, it houses a massive rechargeable battery. Someone was thinking when they came up with this. Just to be interesting, and meet everyone's needs, they have three permutations of this computer workstation including a corded version. We don't want you to be confused. But, say goodbye to tripping over cords and plugs in the lunchroom. Say hello to mobile charging tables.

Your 3 Options

1. Untethered

a. Cordless

b. Replace or recharge batteries with the charging cart

2. Self-Charge

a. Uses an internal battery & individual charger

b. Plug in to an outlet to recharge

3. Corded

a. Allows you to move your table anywhere near an outlet

These options allow for movable power anywhere at anytime.

Where can I use my RE-LOAD table?

Education at all levels

Students are constantly on-the-go and are increasingly using technology for their schoolwork. Have you ever heard of a student that forgot to charge their Chromebook? Having access to charging stations allows for all-day learning and connectivity and could relieve stress from countless kids!


At restaurants, cafes, and dining halls, imagine having the ability to charge your device while you enjoy your meal uninterrupted. Then once you are done, you are fully charged and ready for your next adventure.


At the airport, travelers will no longer have to sit next to strangers on the floor to share an outlet. Movile chairs and tables will transform the way people experience luxuery travel. At this crucial time, connectivity with your loved ones and travel arrangements is top priority. Be rewarded with service as customers come to your store or restaturant to power their devices at your tables.


RE-LOAD comes in multiple heights and sizes, so at a venue, you can move tables wherever you would like and leave them hazard and trip-free for visitors.


Welcoming customers with complimentary power shows them that you are a tech-savvy and forward thinking company when they walk in the door. This type of treatment also conveys to them that you provide qulaity customer service. 

Corporate Meeting

Businessmen and women will thank you for understanding their need for technology and productivity. Enhance efficiency and eliminate wasted time.

Order Your RE-LOAD Today!

Thank you for your interest in our products. If you would like your own RE-LOAD table, please call us at (847) 679-5148, email us at, or request a quote for this computer workstation. We look forward to helping you find interiors solutions that enhance your world.