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Exciting News: AE Is Now The Exclusive Dealer In Chicago For Focal Upright Furniture

Posted by Applied Ergonomics on

NeoCon 2013 had many highlights. One of the most exciting was the booth for Focal Upright Furniture. Focal is the brainchild of famed designer Martin Keen, creator of the Keen line of footwear. Designed as many revolutionary things are, to satisfy his own needs, the Focal Locus Workstation is neither a sitting nor a standing desk, but rather puts the user into a semi standing, semi floating position encouraging great posture, movement, core muscle strengthening and mental acuity. Everyone who has worked with us in the past knows that we are huge proponents of sitting up relatively high with a very open pelvic stance at our computer workstations. Forget the 90-90-90 degree sitting posture you were told about as a kid. It will kill your back. If you sit with your knees substantially below your hips and roll your hips forward, you will automatically get a good curve in the low back. I have been sitting in a Hag Capisco for years, as this radical chair also encourages this posture. Well, the Locus computer workstation takes this one step further, opening you up to a full 135 degree open stance but stopping you short of hyperextending your back. 

Add this to a height adjustable angled desk, and you have a thing of beauty. Mount a large monitor, or an array of multiple monitors, on monitor arms and you are good to go. It’s no wonder that the Locus workstation won the Attendees Choice Award at the National Ergonomics Expo in November 2012 and now Product Innovations Grand Prize Award (furniture systems) by Building Magazine at NeoCon 2013!

We felt an immediate affinity with the ideas and people behind Focal, and have become the sole Chicago area dealer for this exciting new line (despite the Chicago Tribune article stating that there are no dealers at all). Focal chose us because they want people representing them who can fully explain and demonstrate the entire concept, who understand ergonomics on a deep level and work with potential clients to be sure they are using it in a way that fully benefits them. 

And of course, that describes us. We have samples and would love to bring one out to any interested customers. Please don’t be shy! 

We think this is a great second workstation for executives with back pain, for anyone who spends full days at their computer, and anyone who is considering a sit stand desk. As you can see, teams or departments can be set up with Locus Workstations.

Please make an appointment to visit our office to try out the Focal Upright Workstation and Locus Chair. It’s a chance to experience for yourself, see how easy it is to adjust to your size and what a change you will feel. Ready to BUY IT NOW? We don’t want our local customers to be disadvantaged due to taxes, so we have arranged for our Focal sales to run through their website. UPDATE: We currently sell the Focal Upright system directly on our website.