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Introducing the Mosso Pro Light

Posted by Applied Ergonomics on

Sometimes being cool, being smart and doing good all come together. Or, why you really need swing arm task lights for your offices.

Take a look at the pictures.

The photos represent the same scene, at the same time of day, as seen by the eyes of average 20- and 60-year-olds. Pretty illuminating, isn’t it? At age 40 we need twice as much light as we did at 20, and the progression is exponential, leading to the contrast you see in the photos.

Lighting uses more energy than any other category in commercial buildings.

According to the latest US Department of Energy statistics from 2010, lighting uses 20.2% of all the energy consumed in commercial buildings. This represents huge progress, as lighting technologies have improved over the last two decades. The same statistic in 1995 was 29%. But of course there is still room for improvement, and the switch to universal LED lighting is how.

Bringing ergonomic and LEED principles

Intelligent lighting plans have shifted to less ambient light and more task specific light. It reduces energy consumption, reduces screen glare and improves your employees’ ergonomics by putting light where they actually need to read and to see well. While overhead bins are still used, they are far less common than they once were. So while we continue to sell strip lights for under cabinet use, these have shifted from T8 fluorescents to T5’s and LEDs. And far more frequently, we advise our clients to use swing arm lights, so the light can be positioned where it is most needed.

By combining a sleek, minimalist design with powerful LED technology, the Mosso Pro Light delivers an outstanding 99 lumens per watt efficiency. This rate of consumption, combined with the recyclable aluminum incorporated in its design, makes it one of the most environmentally friendly lights on the market.

Yet the Mosso Pro goes far beyond. It also features: 

  • A built-in occupancy sensor (with toggle switch), further reducing energy use. 
  • Continuous dimming levels to set the brightness where you want it.
  • Variable light color, a unique new technology to vary the light from warm to cool.
  • A 50,000 hour functioning lifespan.

Advanced Qi Technology

Yet perhaps the coolest feature of the Mosso Pro is its charging capabilities for your phone, tablet or other mobile device. You can choose your Mosso Pro lights to come equipped with a charging USB port for convenient desktop charging. Or, thanks to the advanced Qi technology incorporated in the light’s base as an alternate option, you can charge any of your Qi compatible devices, such as your cell phone, by simply setting it atop the base. It’s really a remarkable new technology, and going forward most high end cell phones will have this new tech built in. Wireless charging! Just place the phone on the light’s base and it will get recharged.

A lamp is no longer just lamp; the Mosso Pro proves this. By offering superior illumination combined with cutting-edge features, the Mosso Pro is guaranteed to make a statement to whoever happens to see it adorning your office’s desk. We here at Applied Ergonomics are happy to offer you the Mosso Pro along with other ultra-modern ergonomic office furniture pieces. Simply browse through our extensive online inventory to see all that we have to offer.