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Explaining The Value Of Anti-Fatigue Mats For Your Standing Desks

Posted by Applied Ergonomics on

Being more active and moving more in the office has become a popular choice for many employees in Chicago. Adjustable desks are one innovation that allows employees to sit and stand at their leisure, providing comfort in addition to the healthful benefits. The act of standing can do much to improve blood flow, reducing the stress placed on the body after hours of sedentary activity. All activities are best done in moderation, and standing in one place for long periods of time can cause more fatigue than simply sitting for eight hours. There is much you can do to make the most of your new sit-stand workstations, but what about the aches that come from standing?

Applied Ergonomics is proud to be your source for holistic ergonomic solutions tailored to fit your needs and your budget. Part of our innovative and comprehensive approach to creating quality outcomes is providing accessories when needed. Today, we’ll highlight the value of anti-fatigue mats by discussing how they help the body. If you’re in need of mats, supports and stools, or adjustable standing desks, be sure to chat with our team for a quote!

Combatting Fatigue

The goal of anti-fatigue mats is to simply to reduce fatigue for users over long periods of time. As your doctor will tell you, reduced blood flow and continual muscle constrictions will cause the body to work harder. As time goes on, the elevated efforts needed to compensate for your blood restriction will drain the body of its stored energy. The result is a employee with more fatigue than necessary.

Long-term concerns may arise over blood flow problems. Similarly to sitting for far too long, standing on hard surfaces for too long can affect your employees’ overall health.

How Do Anti-Fatigue Mats Work?

Standing on a soft mat feels good. More than this, it is also designed to keep your muscles subtly engaged to prevent long periods of stillness. Everyone has seen the wedding video with the groom who locks his knees and passes out. This lack of blood flow and oxygen is an extreme example of what happens when you stand upright for hours at a time. The heart will continue to work overtime to overcome blood flow issues, unless an anti-fatigue mat is utilized.

Those minor movements will keep the muscles engaged, allowing the blood to circulate better and provide more oxygen to the body. Oxygen helps to keep muscles and organs replenished, vastly cutting down on the tiring effects from standing.

Finding the Right Anti-Fatigue Mat For the Job

Experts across multiple industries agree that standing employees should invest in an anti-fatigue mat. Speaking to an ergonomic specialist will help you in finding the ideal solution for your business. Applied Ergonomics, for example, stocks a range of anti-fatigue mats designed specifically for standing desks. Each mat is designed to provide true ergonomic benefits, maximizing safety and affordability. Our team relies on the statistics to prove the true quality and durability of our mats, stand-up desks, and more!

The Benefits of Anti-Fatigue Mats

Ultimately, it’s the overall benefit you are looking for when investing in any sort of ergonomic furniture. Studies have established numerous positives associated with standing on these mats, including:

  • Protection against spinal compression. While we have evolved to stand, the human spine still requires rest to avoid compression. An anti-fatigue mat can reduce the strain on your back and muscles, cutting the stress on your spine by nearly half!
  • Improved circulation. Enhancing blood flow provides overall benefits for the body. More movement keeps muscles active and fatigue low.
  • Better shock absorption. Stepping and standing on hard floors can place a lot of stress on the joints and spine. Extended periods of time on this surface can lead to serious fatigue in the lower legs.
  • Reduced fatigue. Overall, these benefits all work together to create a rested outcome for employees who spend their time standing. The combined ergonomics work to provide long-term value on a daily basis.

Anti-fatigue mats can prove to be a valuable addition for many workplaces. If you are interested in learning more about this product, or want to invest in sit-stand desks for your Chicago business, Applied Ergonomics is here to help. Contact us today to learn more and to receive a quote for your office upgrades!