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Highlighting Our Different Types Of Sit-Stand Desks To Best Fit Your Office

Posted by Applied Ergonomics on

Modern workspaces come in all shapes and sizes, requiring employers to deploy a dynamic design to create the best platform for productivity and efficiency. More and more companies are realizing the value of ergonomic furniture, as it helps to reduce employee strain and fatigue while also increasing energy and lessing the likelihood of an injury. As an employer, you can benefit from these design advantages, but it may prove challenging to find the right fit for your needs and budget.

Applied Ergonomics is here to provide the best ergonomic solutions for business all across the country. Our team provides high-quality furniture such as our sit-stand desks to companies in Chicago and beyond, and we’ll be happy to help you achieve the perfect outcome for your growing operations. Today, we’ll discuss a few of our most popular desk designs to highlight how customizable and versatile our ergonomic furniture can be. If you’re ready to get started, be sure to contact our team to request your quote!

Bakker Elkhuizen Honeycomb Workspace Sit-Stand Desk

While many people imagine sit-stand desks in a traditional single-user format, the Honeycomb features mobility and convenience for a variety of applications. This desk from Bakker Elkhuizen provides a hexagonal shape that is simple to utilize and versatile enough to be deployed in private offices, training services, collaborations, and a variety of temporary uses. Your teams can maximize productivity wherever they go, relying on this sit-stand desk that fits every need. One of the biggest advantages of the Honeycomb? It’s rechargeable. You can take your office outdoors, or relocate to any area within the building. Featuring a cableless design and a central control button, this ergonomic desk can be set to heights between 23.8 and 49.8 inches for maximum comfort.

ErgoAdvantage™ Standard Desks

Our ergonomic desks are made to deliver the best performance for offices across the country, and the innovative design ensures that you receive the best return for your investment. Applied Ergonomics is proud to deliver our own lineup of sit-stand desks, relying on single- and double-leg designs to achieve the best balance between comfort, convenience, performance, and price. Many of our new designs feature the ErgoEdge™, our unique solution for sore wrists and forearms. The front-facing surface of these adjustable desks provide a softer resting spot, relying on a contoured edge to avoid any edges that can cause pain and discomfort.

L-Shaped Standing Desks

While there are many sit-stand desks available for businesses to create an ergonomically beneficial workspace, some employers require a larger surface. Applied Ergonomics is proud to provide our strong, stable, and beautiful L-shaped sit-stand desks to provide the same level of comfort and convenience in a large format. We focus on creating the most rigid bases and surfaces, supporting desktops and other essential components upwards of nearly 300 pounds. You can benefit from the same level of quality as our traditional standing desks, including eco-friendly materials, exceptional moisture and scratch resistance, high bacterial resistance, and more.

All of our sit-stand desks are rigorously tested to perform optimally in any office building. Our products meets BIFMA durability standards, built from ECC-certified products, and are designed with the safest features to minimize the risk of damaging any property or individual.

A World of Options

When you decide to invest in sit-stand desks with our Chicago company, you’ll benefit from the wide range of customizable options to deliver the best performance for your team. Applied Ergonomics is here to help customize your office, relying on our host of options when it comes to:

  • Finishes — Our adjustable desks come in a variety of colors to enhance your office design. Choose from nearly a dozen options, including rich Walnut Bella, classic Fusion X, or the pristine professionalism of Designer White.
  • Base Colors — Further customize the look of your office by deciding on a color for the base of your desks. Most of our products come in black, silver, white, or a combination.
  • Sizes — Stand-up desks are beneficial when they support all of your company’s activities. Most of our sit-stand desks come in varying sizes of six-inch increments, allowing companies nationwide to plan for a precise fit for their office.
  • Switches — Invest economically or upgrade your ergonomic desks for added convenience. Applied Ergonomics offers manual and three-position options for many of our desk options.
  • Monitor Arms — Maximize your employees’ desk space with sturdy, affordable monitor solutions. Our team of specialists can help you achieve the best outcome for single- and dual-monitor systems.
  • Stools and Supports — Standing at your desk is a great way to improve circulation, so be sure to consider our inventory of supports and ergonomic stools. Shop our inventory to see all of the options available!
  • Ergo-Mats — Standing at work is a smart way to keep your employees moving and engaged, so be sure you benefit this new change with anti-fatigue mats. Our company delivers a variety of ergo-mats to provide ideal comfort for those that like to stand for long periods of time.

No matter your company’s needs or office design, Applied Ergonomics is here and ready to provide professional results. We are a premier provider of sit-stand desks in Chicago, and will be happy to help businesses find the right fit across the country. Contact us today to learn more about the suite of options available for your workspace, and be sure to ask for help if you want to customize your floor plan for the best results!