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If You’re Experiencing Numbness, Tingling, or Pain While Typing, Consider an Ergonomic Keyboard

Posted by Applied Ergonomics on

Ever felt a tingling sensation in your hands or wrists while you’re typing? It can really slow you down, diminish your productivity, and can even be painful. You might even be experiencing soreness in your arm and between your hand and elbow. Sometimes the discomfort even wakes people up in the middle of the night. If this sounds like the experience you’re having, an ergonomic keyboard at your computer station may be exactly what you need.

Unlike a traditional keyboard, an ergonomic keyboard is generally split in the middle which allows for a more natural typing experience. It allows your hands and arms to rest in such a way that stress isn’t placed on them because each section is placed at an angle and often includes a wrist rest. This means you can keep your hands in a comfortable position on the keyboard. Traditional keyboards constrain users to force their hands and wrists into an awkward and unnatural position. Just because that’s what we’ve gotten used to doesn’t mean it’s what we should settle for; ergonomic keyboards are designed to keep your hands and wrists at a much more natural angle and reduce the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.

If you’re searching for an ergonomic keyboard for your computer station, check out our Applied Ergonomics online store. We’ve got plenty of options to satisfy any need and we offer free shipping in the continental United States on all of our ergonomic keyboards. If you need help choosing a keyboard, building out an ergonomic computer workstation, or anything else, contact us today!