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Meet Confluence: The Height-Adjustable Standing Conference Table

Posted by Applied Ergonomics on

It is now official - the ordinary conference room will never be the same again thanks to the Confluence adjustable-height conference table by our friends at Focal Upright. In early December, at the National Ergonomics Conference and Exposition in Las Vegas, the Confluence won the 2014 Attendee’s Choice Award. What makes this conference table so special? A whole lot, as the Confluence is designed to keep everyone at the meeting upright and active so they can literally think on their feet!

When meetings are held around the Confluence table, they are collaborative, energetic and time-efficient. The Confluence height-adjustable standing table makes an ideal small meeting table for the workplace; it also works very well with Focal’s innovative perching stool, the Mobis, which is a much more active alternative to traditional conference room seating.

The Confluence Difference

Everyone can relate to how most meetings go. You stroll into the meeting feeling great with lots of ideas bouncing around in your head. As you sit down and settle into your chair, your mind starts wandering -- you’re daydreaming and thinking about everything except what you intended to focus on which is the meeting and your terrific ideas.

Companies which have made the transition to upright meetings have found that their meetings are shorter, more focused and more productive. When people are standing upright, they feel more engaged and creative. The Confluence table can be used alone for standing meetings or with one of our many upright seating options like the Focal Mobis, the Muvman, the Varier Move or the Okamura Repiroue seating, which gives people both standing and active leaning options.

When you put Confluence into your meeting rooms, you’ll empower your workforce to think on their feet! The Confluence also allows more efficient use of room space to give it an open and spacious feel which makes people more comfortable. We’ve been using the Confluence with Mobis stools in narrow conference rooms to great effect. It’s taken the worry out of whether there is enough room to walk past the chairs, and our clients appreciate the enhanced productivity for their teams.

How it Works

The Confluence table glides effortlessly up and turn by simply turning the small hand crank on the frame. This table can accommodate users ranging in height from 4’10” and taller. Surrounding the table base is a foot rail that provides extra comfort for standers and for those using the Focal Mobis adjustable height, perching stools. The Confluence is not a sit to stand table, it is made just for standing height, and is adjustable within a relatively small range to make standing comfortable for almost anyone.

Customize the Confluence

The Confluence offers numerous finish options to ensure the table you get will fit seamlessly into your collaboration space. Whether you go with the Matte Black Laminate finish for a simple, elegant look or the Dry Erase option that allows meeting participants to capture their ideas the second inspiration strikes, your Confluence table is bound to become THE table where all your employees will want to meet.