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Meet our Partner: Vanerum Stelter

Posted by Applied Ergonomics on

Imagine sitting in a classroom as your teacher is about to commence the class. WHile there is muffled conversation throughout the room, you find it difficult to concentrate. The teacher surveys the class and then places her finger on the board. Instantly, an image of the solar system appears. The chatter stops and the classroom becomes so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. Your teacher swipes at the board pulling up image after image...Mars, Saturn, Jupiter. Innovations, such as the i3TOUCH board, are a frequent part of the design process for Vanerum Stelter, one of our partners for school furniture.

The i3 Environment

Vanerum Stelter’s aim is to combine technology and ergonomics for the next generation of schools. They do this by creating what they term “i3 environments.” These environments aim to be interactive, integrated, and inspiring. The company is known for creating such ground-breaking, i3 environments for education settings from kindergarten through the university setting.

We partnered with Vanerum Stelter in our ergonomic assessment and implementation work with Glenbrook High School Districts in our local Chicago suburb, Glenview. Our goal was to develop classrooms and large multipurpose rooms for the future. Together with the district’s educators and Vanerum Stelter, we have created a blueprint for classrooms that work for both traditional teaching and flipped classrooms.

Sustainable Materials

Vanerum Stelter creates classrooms that are healthier, so students can have both safe and productive learning environments. Creating a healthy classroom begins with the materials of production. Vanerum designs school furniture with sustainability in mind throughout its product line. The company utilizes high-pressure laminate that has the GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification. Vanerum’s furniture, such as the SEED™ collection, is 100% recyclable due to its use of recyclable materials like aluminum, FSC certified wood, and wood-plastic components. Nearly every detail of Vanerum’s design is built around sustainability.

Ergonomic Function

Another key aspect of creating a learning environment is making sure the daily items that children interact with provide the best support possible. This is why Vanerum takes special care through ergonomic assessment to design ergonomically based chairs and desks. Height adjustability is a new concept in the classroom, yet it makes lots of sense for students. It not only addresses the vast range of sizes in the classroom, but offering standing desks allows kids with excess energy to be more focused. As self-proclaimed chair snobs, this is why our partnership makes so much sense. Many of our clients have spent years in pain: the culmination of a lifetime spent in furniture that was wrong for them. With this particular project, we were presented with the opportunity to make a positive impact on a new generation at an early age.

We applaud Vanerum’s mission and years of work in the educational setting and their efforts to create healthier learning environments for our children. We also applaud Glenbrook High School’s advances in teaching, integrating Chromebooks throughout the campus and advancing the one-to-one educational paradigm. With the new classroom furniture now in use, students are taking classes in an environment that is sustainable, ergonomically designed, and very “hands-on.” While we can certainly go on all day about what our Glenbrook project partnership with Vanerum is all about, we encourage you to view the renderings below to see for yourself!

UPDATE: Vanerum Stelter was purchased by another of our manufacturers, Mooreco, the parent company of Balt and Bestrite. Applied Ergonomics continues to offer the Vanerum line.