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Redesigning Your Conference Room? Here Are a Few Things to Think About

Posted by Applied Ergonomics on

If your company is fortunate enough to have a conference room there’s a good chance that you’re using it for a lot more than just conferences. It likely also serves you as a meeting room, a training room, or a presentation room. The type of furniture you utilize is critical to how the room will function. At Applied Ergonomics, we have designed and specified hundreds of successful conference or training rooms and we understand the technological components that can often be necessary in rooms like these. Occasionally we’ll work with the client's chosen audio visual integrator and other times we supply these systems ourselves. Regardless of your needs, we will bring our expertise and give you results that exceed your expectations.

If a conference room is well organized to increase productivity, it makes a company more successful. Choosing the right conference table is at the top of the list in terms of things to consider when you’re setting up a conference room. Taking a proactive approach will greatly benefit you; don’t just pick a table because you like the look or because it’s the most affordable option. Consider the size of your meetings, what you’d like to accomplish when you’re heading up a meeting in the conference room, and employee comfort when you’re making your decision.

Chairs are an often overlooked aspect of conference room design. Choosing ergonomic furniture to work in conjunction with your conference table isn’t something to take lightly; again, considering comfort in your space is important. No one wants to sit on an uncomfortable piece of metal- it’s distracting! Make sure to put some thought into what will work best for the needs of both you as the buyer and for your employees.

The type of technology you’ll incorporate into your space is another huge consideration. Computers for presentations that are connected to your office network are a must in the modern world. Video conferencing grows more popular as an alternative to in-house meetings or flying across the country to meet with clients. Depending on your needs, a DVD or Blu-Ray player can be helpful if you need to show video to a large number of people at the same time. Investing in high-quality speakers is probably also a great idea if you’ve purchased a DVD or Blu-Ray player and you’ll be showing a lot of video to your employees. You may also consider utilizing a projector in your conference room. The price of digital projectors gets better every year and they are a staple in contemporary offices around the world.

If you’re ready to build out your conference room, Applied Ergonomics is the source for successful conference and training room solutions. We understand that you will have unique needs and the ergonomic office furniture in your conference room should reflect the desired function of the room. Get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to discuss your project, help you plan, and get you set up perfectly in a conference room that fits you and your company perfectly.