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The Benefits of an Open Plan Office

Posted by Applied Ergonomics on

If you’ve visited many offices recently, you’ll notice a new trend. Gone are many of the cubicle walls separating each worker. Today’s offices are utilizing an open concept design filled with ergonomic office furniture that allows workers to see each other and often work side-by-side. Why are so many offices using an open concept plan?

Discover the Benefits

  • •  They are usually less expensive. If you are setting up an office on a tight budget, open plan offices typically cost you less. You don’t have to purchase miles and miles of cubicle walls and the desks are easily configured.
  • •  Easy collaboration. When employees can all see each other, it’s easier to ask questions, get options, and collaborate on projects. If they have to navigate a series of cubicles to get there, most employees are likely to just stay put instead.
  • •  Shared resources. It’s easier for teams in open concept designs to share resources such as printers, copiers, and even office products. This can help your company save a lot in your budget.
  • •  It’s easier to stay in contact with your team. Supervisors and managers are able to take in the team at a glance and won’t have to waste time tracking down team members from cubicle to cubicle. It can help them identify issues more quickly as well.

Implement an Open Plan in Your Office

If you are interested in implementing an open concept in your office, we can help. Get in touch with our office consultants and we’ll show you the ergonomic office furniture that meets the needs of your employees, your desire for an open concept, and the constraints of your budget. Call us or contact us through our website today.