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Ways To Incorporate The Value Of Our Sit-Stand Desks Into Your Company Culture

Posted by Applied Ergonomics on

Business leaders today are looking for the most advantageous approaches to enhance employee satisfaction and productivity, benefiting everyone involved. It often benefits these individuals to find products and services that are valuable and sustainable. One proven way to enhance your bottom line while increasing employee productivity and reducing absenteeism is to invest in ergonomic furniture from trusted experts. Applied Ergonomics is here to serve as your comprehensive source of quality in delivering the best solutions for any business across multiple industries. Our experience and top-notch products such as our sit-stand desks have helped Chicago businesses to transform their landscape, delivering healthful advantages that benefit everyone involved.

While there are many ways in which our comprehensive ergonomic solutions can give your business the upper hand, we do understand that it can be difficult to implement big changes in the workplace. Today, we’ll highlight a few tips for business managers to help them increase interest in the full value of sit-stand workstations. If you’re looking for assistance, be sure to contact our ergonomic specialists for support now!

Include Wellness Tips Into Regular Reports

Your weekly, monthly, or annual newsletters likely contain a lot of information concerning what’s happening within the company, but now may prove to be the perfect time to incorporate more health-centered content such as wellness tips. Studies, new products, and advice for getting healthy can all help to get many employees primed for healthy habits.

Building rapport with these wellness reports that focus on employee health can work perfectly with ergonomic solutions from Applied Ergonomics. Our team can provide top-quality products, such as our sit-stand desks, to Chicago businesses to promote employee health and happiness. We can work with you to deliver helpful information concerning all of our ergonomic furniture, so be sure to call today!

Plan For Movement in Work Spaces

Getting your workers excited about moving while in the office can prove hazardous if the floorplan does not allow for such activities. We recommend supporting updates that can give employees the space needed to move about, whether they’re taking walk breaks to eat a healthy snack or working atop one of our Wurf™ Boards. You can implement proper spatial designs to help increase the safety and convenience for your employees. Busy workers who face problems while trying to get their movement in may simply elect not to move about the cabin.

Applied Ergonomics is here to deliver uncompromising support and guidance through every step of your ergonomic outfitting process, delivering sit-stand workstation designs that fit your space and budget while delivering healthful results for everyone. Call today to learn more about our holistic approach to ergonomic furniture!

Pave the Way

One way to get your office excited about ergonomic furniture is to implement your own system for others to see. Many customers we have worked with elect to invest in one or two sit-stand desks across Chicago, serving as an example very everyone in the office. As the champion of this exciting technology, it will fall on you to explain the processes and benefits to everyone interested.

Incorporate Standing Meetings

Managers who host several meetings throughout the course of a week may find that now is the perfect time to make the most of their adjustable desks. Introducing standing meetings may not sound like a productive change, but getting your workers into the habit of standing in the workplace may help to make the transition to sit-stand desks more convenient and beneficial.

Chicago managers have also found success in leading their team in fitness during meetings, such as the “walk and talk.” Moving about while you convene can help to get the blood pumping, increase employee engagement, and promote better health levels overall.

Introduce Calendar Events

Simply investing in ergonomic desks is often not enough to keep employees excited and engaged over the months to come. You can implement varying themes throughout the weeks, such as “core day,” where employees take on pre-structured exercise to help build their abs and core muscles.

From wellness reports and fitness tips to standing meetings and scheduled exercises, there are many ways in which you can get your business interested in the benefits of ergonomic furniture. Those ready to stand up for their company’s health can reach out to Applied Ergonomics for complete satisfaction. Our holistic approach to ergonomic furniture — such as our use of quality sit-stand desks — helps Chicago businesses to optimize their workplace health and employee satisfaction, creating long-term, sustainable advantages.

Contact us today to learn more about the complete value behind our sit-stand workstations!