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We Provide Ergonomic Furniture Solutions Such As Sit-Stand Converters, Too

Posted by Applied Ergonomics on

Many business leaders are aware of the many benefits of sit-stand workstations. The act of minimizing your work time spent sitting while promoting muscle mico-engagements can help to deliver a list of healthful benefits, especially when you partner with an ergonomic company for the best solutions in the industry. Applied Ergonomics is here to serve as your holistic provider of quality products such as our sit-stand desks for Chicago businesses. We excel in delivering comprehensive results for businesses of all budgets, sizes, and industries. Our quality stand-up desks provide the perfect platform for enhancing your business both now and for the long term!

While our sit-stand desks are ideal for many clients across the nation, they are not always the best fit. Applied Ergonomics is here to deliver personalized results that deliver the best return on your investment. Today, we’ll highlight the value of cost-effective alternatives such as our sit-stand conversions, which can provide the range of use right on top of your existing desktop.

If you’re ready to find the best ergonomic solutions for your Chi-Town operations, be sure to reach out to the experts at Applied Ergonomics today!

Possible Reasons for Sit-Stand Converters

Every business is different, and one ergonomic solution that is perfect for one company may not prove as advantageous for yours. Instead of writing this problem off as “unsolvable,” you can instead look for quality alternatives like our sit-stand desk converters. Business owners may be unable to implement full-size adjustable desks due to a range of factors.

Budgetary Constraints

By reducing the number of parts, materials, and labor required to implement sit-stand workstations in your space, you are actively working to save money on all fronts. Full sit-stand desks require more materials and parts to create a full workstation, and the process of installing this ergonomic furniture can be cause for higher price tags.

Applied Ergonomics is here to deliver the most cost-effective solutions for your business, and our quality approach ensures that the results are well worth your investment. Sit-stand converters are smaller in nature, relying on your existing elements for support. The result is a more affordable price for nearly the same level of benefit.

Spatial Limitations

For many businesses, the office is not a space of luxury and extra square feet. Remember that the larger amount of materials needed to create a sit-stand workstation may also require more space. Instead of attempting to make a new sit-stand desk fit in your office, you can instead use a converter to conform to the area already occupied by your existing desk. If you’re worried about the openness of your floor plan, be sure to reach out to our ergonomic specialists today!

Time Restrictions

Many businesses rely on their daily processes to produce consistent levels of output and quality. Taking the time to outfit your space with sit-stand workstations will take time, and the transition for your employees from a comfortable work environment into an unfamiliar one can hamper progress. Instead of taking out your existing desks and installing an array of our sit-stand options, you can simply place a converter on your existing platform. This installation process is typically simpler and faster, providing healthful results with little downtime. Your employees will be able to get back to work quicker, and your bottom line will reflect this planning process.

Smaller Investments

In many cases, business leaders cannot achieve the proper financing needed to outfit their team without data to support the risk of investment. Sit-stand converters provide the perfect chance for your company to highlight the benefits of standing more without the big commitment. All of the factors mentioned previously will play a role in determining how big of an investment ergonomic furniture will be for your company. Keep in mind that the long-term payoff of our ergonomic solutions can expect a full ROI in a few short years, delivering over a decade of quality support for your business.

Our Sit-Stand Desk Converters Can Help!

Applied Ergonomics has found success in the industry by taking a comprehensive approach to all of your building’s design needs. We are proud to provide the best sit-stand desks across Chicago, and our team is available to help you find the best conversion kit for your needs.

Applied Ergonomics is here to help your establishment transition from a traditional workspace to dynamically healthy environment. We’re here and ready to provide the best sit-stand desk solutions for your Chicago business, from desk converters to cubicles and full office systems. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive services and to receive an estimate for your design plans!