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What Can You Do to Combat Stress at Work?

Posted by Applied Ergonomics on

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by stress at work, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans are in the same boat as you. When stress starts to make you feel like the walls are closing in and you’re in a hole that you can’t dig yourself out of, it’s good to have a plan. At Applied Ergonomics our approach is to consider the big picture and the smallest details in everything. Our ergonomic desks and ergonomic computer chairs are there to help you to feel better while you’re working so you don’t have to deal with stress over not feeling comfortable. But what can you do to combat stress from feeling overwhelmed?

First off, if you’re not getting a good night’s sleep, that’s exactly where you want to start. Getting as much sleep as your body needs can do wonders for managing your stress levels. When you feel well-rested it’s much easier to think clearly, work efficiently, and have a productive day.

It’s also incredibly important to make a list of tasks you need to accomplish. Don’t go overboard because seeing too much on your list can feel overwhelming. If you can set your daily goals and keep them realistic your chances of succeeding skyrocket. Taking one thing at a time can help you stay focused and it feels incredibly good to be able to cross an item off of your list when you’re done.

Staying in communication with your co-workers is another great way to lower your stress levels. Too often, people have the mindset that they’ll do it their way first and then go back to fix their mistakes. If that sounds like you, start asking questions of your co-workers; it will decrease conflict in the office and it will waste less of your time.

Don’t forget to take a reasonable amount of time for lunch either. It can be all too tempting to devour your lunch at your desk and power through, but if you take the time to enjoy your lunch and actually taste what you’re eating, it can help you to relax in the middle of the day before you get back to work. That’s what a lunch break is for after all- to be a break.

Keep your workspace free from distractions as well. If that means putting your phone on silent and laying it upside down for awhile, then that’s what you should do. Unclutter your space and it will go a long way towards uncluttering your mind as well. If there’s less mess to look at, there’s less to be stressed about. This doesn’t mean you should get rid of everything on your desk though. A picture of a loved one, a small plant, or a trinket that you enjoy are great ways to bring some joy to your space.

Having ergonomic office furniture can help to keep your body from getting sore and stop exhaustion from setting in, and keeping the above things in mind is sure to have you feeling less stressed in no time. If you’re in need of a change to ergonomic office equipment, contact us any time!