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Bluetooth Intergration


Please follow the below instructions to determine if your computer has integrated Bluetooth:

1) Check to see if your radio receiver status is on and functioning correctly. If your computer has integrated Bluetooth, and it is turned on, when you go to your Task Bar you see the Bluetooth Devices icon Bluetooth Icon which looks like this. If you don’t see this icon on the task bar, then your radio receiver is likely turned off or your computer does not have Bluetooth integrated in your computer. If you previously had Bluetooth devices connected to you device then you probably do have native Bluetooth Support. If your system has integrated Bluetooth, and it is turned on, you should see the Bluetooth icon on your Task Bar along the bottom of your screen. There is usually a slider switch on the front or side of the laptop.

2) Alternatively you could check your invoice or the manufacturer website model number to see if your computer has Bluetooth Support. 

If your computer does have integrated Bluetooth support, you do not need the optional dongle. Do not use the Optional Dongle if you already have Bluetooth support as it will interfere with your system’s native support. 
If your computer has Bluetooth support, please make sure you have installed the latest driver updates from the manufacturer’s website.
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