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  • Standard Mount Monitor Arm
  • Standard Mount Monitor Arm
  • Standard Mount Monitor Arm
  • Standard Mount Monitor Arm
  • Standard Mount Monitor Arm
  • Standard Mount Monitor Arm

ErgoAdvantage Avia Dual Pole-mount Monitor Arm, 5-20 LB Capacity per Monitor

Brand: ErgoAdvantage
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The Avia Dual Pole-mount Monitor Arm from Applied Ergonomics provides an optimal solution for multiple monitor configurations by allowing fingertip control of two (or more) monitors to help reduce the possibility of strain and discomfort.

A 20-pound load capacity, dual clamp/grommet mounting hardware and multiple Quick Connect mounting brackets allow one SKU to fit most user applications. The pole mount system lets you add a third or fourth monitor simply by adding another arm--you don't need to buy another monitor arm assembly--thus significantly reducing costs to create a healthier workspace. The Avia Dual-mount accommodates monitor weights from 5 lbs per screen (ideal for newer lightweight monitors) up to 20 lbs per screen.

We highly recommend the Optional Dual Hub upgrade option for monitors measuring 24"+ in width (widest part of the monitor, not the diagonal screen measurement), as the Hub will allow users to place them next to one another without coming too far forward (without it the arms may collide with one another when monitors are placed side-by-side close to the mounting pole), saving precious desktop space.

Measure your monitors carefully. Monitors are sold by diagonal measurement of viewable screen area, so it important to make sure you are aware of their actual heights and widths. For standard single mount version he maximum separation between the center of each VESA mounting plate on this unit is 39". So, for instance, if the total width of each monitor in the orientation you are setting up cannot exceed 39" if they are the same. The optional Dual Mount Hub will add another inch of separation per monitor. Don't know which Monitor Arm to choose? Call us… we're the experts!


Features & Benefits

  •   Manufactured from heavy-duty steel and die-cast aluminum
  •   Optional Dual Hub upgrade version (1.7823*HD09) provides the end-user with the ability to mount two (42” max. width) monitors and allows user to move both monitors closer to the rear surface of the desk. The Dual Hub attachment provides the user the ability to mount two (42" max width) monitors and move them closer to the rear surface than would be possible if both arms are attached simultaneously to the single pole support.
  •   Modularity and scalability make this product one of the most adaptable monitor arm solutions available. Monitor arms can be added easily without using all new equipment or discarding parts.
  •   The ErgoAdvantage Avia Dual Pole-mount Monitor Arm supports a 20 lbs load capacity (per screen)
  •   Cable manager keeps all cables organized
  •   Adjustable desk clamp and grommet mount hardware are included and fit most desks and work surfaces. Grommet mount fits grommet holes from 1" to just under 3" diameter. You may also mount the base to the desktop by inserting the vertical section of the clamp mount though the desktop for grommets measuring no less than approximately 3 1/2" long and no more than 3" deep. Mounting hardware is black and will not necessarily match the arm assembly.
  •   Monitor mounting bracket, with Quick Connect, contains 75 mm and 100 mm hole patterns to comply with VESA standards


Specifications - ErgoAdvantage Avia Standard Monitor Arm

Specifications - ErgoAdvantage Avia Dual Mount Hub Monitor Arm


Available Colors

Black   White   Silver


Brochure - ErgoAdvantage Avia Monitor Arm


Assembly Instructions - ErgoAdvantage Avia Monitor Arm

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