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Focal Upright Perching and Standing Desk Systems


Focal Upright systems:
Cutting Edge Design in Perching Desks, Seating and
More Innovative Office Productivity Solutions

The good people at Focal are much more than furniture makers—they are ergonomic designers who just happen to be great furniture makers! For years, they’ve produced an award-winning line of ergonomic office solutions with a key principle in mind: active bodies = active minds. Your result: a happier and more productive staff. Your investment in Focal Upright design yields immediate, measurable value.

Not only are we huge fans of Focal Upright, we are also huge fans of Focal Upright’s founder, Martin Keen. Applied Ergonomics President Jeff Meltzer counts himself among the first adopters of Martin’s design philosophy which continues to thrive through Keen’s spirit of curiosity and dedication to design innovation.

One design innovation from the Focal team we find particularly impressive is the development of ergonomic desk systems. These systems feature unique and innovative individual components, which, when used together, work cooperatively to create even more ergonomic benefit than each used alone. Plus, Focal incentivizes its fans by offering Bundled Pricing discounts on their most valued desk systems.

The Locus and Sphere Bundle Pro systems (pictured) are unmatched foundations for comfortable, ergonomically-correct work and collaborative spaces— designed specifically to optimize the productivity, engagement and overall health of those using them.

The Locus Bundle Pro

The Sphere Bundle Pro

They support all movement with the user’s core muscles, thus minimizing reaching, muscle strain and back discomfort. And these complete office systems make a much smaller footprint in your office’s square footage—especially the Locus Bundle which is available in widths as small as 48”—all without sacrificing a bit of style or comfort.

Both are available in multiple finish options and feature a “cockpit” orientation which optimizes the user’s reach while working, and their gentle, contoured edges create a comfortable landing spot that minimizes impact to forearms and wrists. The height and work angles are all adjustable to conform to how you work best.

Each is paired with the Locus Seat, which was designed for users who wish to work in a standing position to use as a “perch”, that is, it is not a seat per se, but rather a standing support which allows the user to flex and move side-to-side while supporting body weight with the built-in footrest. Each also includes a thoughtfully-constructed Anti-fatigue Mat to further cradle the feet in comfort.

The combination of these elements creates a “weightless” feeling that promotes proper spinal alignment in a low-impact, nonjarring way. And all Bundle components feature limited lifetime warranties, so whether you purchase them individually or take advantage of the bundle savings, you’re sure to make a significant improvement to the way you work every day... for the long term.


Focal Upright’s Founder Explains “The Economics of Ergonomics"


Focal Upright’s founder Martin Keen (also the founder of Keen footwear) has made an entire career of turning ideas into products.
Here he explains the positive workplace impact of creating an Active Office.