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  • Staggered setup of Freestyle Edge split-adjustable gaming keyboard
  • Box view of Freestyle Edge RGB mechanical gaming keyboard
  • Edge Split Perspective for Freestyle Edge RGB's ergonomic gaming keyboard
  • Compact Tenkeyless configuration for RGB split-adjustable keyboard
  • Freestyle Keyboard Tenting to reduce forearm strain during competitions
  • Close view of Freestyle Edge RGB ergonomic gaming keyboard
  • RGB split-adjustable gaming keyboard featuring monochrome in Green
  • Splayed setup for convenient setup of your Freestyle Edge RGB keyboard
  • Example of Loop Effect in yellow on Freestyle Edge RGB gaming keyboard
  • Example of Wave Vertical Effect, ergonomic keyboard lighting from KinesisGaming
  • Monochrome Effect in Red for full-color display on Freestyle Edge RGB keyboard
  • View of Edge RGB gaming keyboard with Streamdeck for optimal control
  • Edge RGB mechanical gaming keyboard with Wave Horizontal Effect
  • Edge RGB mechanical keyboard featuring Rain Effect in Green
  • Monochrome lighting of RGB split-adjustable gaming keyboard in white
  • Left profile view of Edge RGB mechanical keyboard from KinesisGaming
  • Closeup view of mechanical keyboard keys on Freestyle Edge RGB
  • RGB Rotation allows for perfect key coverage on mechanical keyboard
  • Zoomed view of gaming keyboard keys from KinesisGaming

Freestyle Edge RGB Split-adjustable Keyboard by KinesisGaming

Brand: KinesisGaming
$219.00 $199.00
(You save $20.00)
Free Shipping

The Freestyle Edge RGB is the first split mechanical keyboard designed specifically for gaming. It was engineered with input from serious gamers to meet the strictest standards for quality and design. An adjustable 20” braided cable links the key modules to give you unparalleled freedom to customize your rig.

Move the right module out of the way for one-handed FPS play or split the modules apart place your HOTAS or stream mic between the two halves for incredible convenience. For maximum typing comfort, simply split the two modules to shoulder-width and angle them slightly to achieve a neutral wrist angle. There is no wrong way to set up the Freestyle Edge, just dial in your favorite configuration for the ultimate desktop freedom.








Bring your mouse in tight for maximum precision and control in low DPI shooters



Free Rotation

Rotate either module for perfect key coverage or to squeeze into a tight space at LAN




Remove strain on your forearms to boost endurance and outlast the competition



XL Split

Separate the modules up to 20″ to accomodate your HOTAS, mic, or stream deck




Push the key modules together for a standard layout and classic typing experience



Compact TKL

Remove the detachable palm supports for maximum versatility and desk space




Separate the modules to shoulder width for an ergonomic typing experience



Palm Supports

New thick cushioned pads with quick glide surface and moisture resistance



Genuine Cherry MX Mechanical Switches


gif-mxbrown-v005.gif gif-mxstd-red-v005.gif gif-mxblue-v005.gif
MX Brown MX Red MX Blue


RGB SmartSet App

smartset-app-perspective-layout-2.png smartset-app-for-mac-lighting-editor-2.0.24-bezel.png


The all-new SmartSet App offers a GUI alternative to onboard programming your Freestyle Edge RGB keyboard. Use the App to configure macros and special key actions, customize lighting effects, modify global keyboard settings and much more.

Use the links below to download the all-new RGB SmartSet App and save it anywhere on your computer.


RGB SmartSet App for Windows (v2.1.3)

*Update to the latest Keyboard firmware and Lighting Expansion Pack 1 to access Dual Layer Lighting & Base Color Effects for Reactive, Starlight, Rebound, Loop, and Rain.


RGB SmartSet App for Mac OS X (v2.1.3)


*Mac Support for Lighting Expansion Pack 1 coming soon.

Accessing the App

To access the SmartSet App, first connect the keyboard’s v-Drive (SmartSet + F8) to your PC, then launch the App. Since the Freestyle Edge RGB is driverless, the keyboard does not update in real-time. To implement your new settings first save your changes in the App, and either use the App Refresh shortcut (SmartSet + Profile) or simply disconnect the v-Drive (SmartSet + F8).

Linux Users
If you are a talented developer, you can access the source code on GitHub and design your own App.



SmartSet App Tutorial for the All-New Freestyle Edge RGB


Freestyle Edge Lift Kit- How to achieve 10˚ and 15˚ of tenting


Operating System
Plug-and-Play on Windows, Mac, Linux, & Chrome

USB Wired (Single Port, 6′ Braided Cable)

1MS Response Time, NKRO Mode, Game Mode

100% Genuine Cherry MX Mechanical (MX Silver coming soon)

Per-Key 16.8M Color RGB Lighting

1.25″ tall x 15.5″ wide x 10.25″ deep

3.0 lbs

2 Year Limited Warranty



Product Reviews

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  1. Great!

    Posted by Cat on 30th Sep 2019

    I love this thing! If you just want a split keyboard with a standard layout, wrist wrests and tilting, this is it!

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