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  • Hippus HandShoe Mouse Wireless Right Handed Light Click
  • Hippus HandShoe Mouse Wireless Right Handed Light Click with Mouse pad
  • Hippus HandShoe Mouse Wireless Right Handed Light Click with Dongle
  • Hippus HandShoe Mouse Wired Left Handed Light Click
  • Hippus HandShoe Mouse Wireless Right Handed Light Click
  • Hippus HandShoe Mouse Wireless Right and Left Handed Light Click

Hippus HandShoe Mouse Right and Left Hand Light Click

Brand: Hippus
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We love this mouse.  The Hippus HandShoe mouse was developed by a pair of researchers at a Dutch medical university and has been tested for the last two years in large organizations, with documented results to back up the anecdotal experiences.  It is designed to fully support the hand at a 30 degree pronation to minimize pinching and gripping of the mouse, as well as fly-away positioning of the thumb.  The large platform shape allows the entire hand to rest on the mouse, encouraging a relaxation of the hand, and minimizing contact irritation of the skin from the surface. 

Unlike most conventional mice, it becomes unnecessary to keep the fingers hovered over the mouse buttons to prevent accidental clicking. The buttons on the HandShoe are positioned in line with the fingers, and a very light touch is required to activate the buttons.  Nonetheless, the overall shape of the mouse, including the thumb platform, allows the hand to relax and prevents excessive thumb action. 

In Dutch, the word "HandShoe" means glove, and this mouse truly does fit like a glove.  To that end, it comes in three very different sizes and both right and left handed versions.  It is very important to refer to the sizing chart and use the right size for your hand, as the ergonomics of the clicking action are substantially impacted by the fit with your hand.  In order to extend the greatest benefit to our clients, we are only offering the newest models with the light touch clicking action and high 1500 DPI optical laser.  Right hand models can come in wired or wireless versions, while the new left hand models only come in the wireless option.


Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4


Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4 Driver


Features - Hippus HandShoe Mouse Right and Left Hand Light Click

HandShoe Mouse has Many Features to Allow You to Work Without Pain:

  •   Place your hand on the right size mouse that FITS your hand.
  •   Get Full Support for your Hand and Fingers
  •   No More Gripping and Pinching which may cause RSI or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  •   Wireless Version has Rechargeable Battery which Last for Weeks
  •   Continue working while charging the battery
  •   Unique Thumb Support Prevents Gripping
  •   Minimal Switch Forces and no Reaction Forces in Fingers

  Technical Specifications

Mouse Size - Hippus HandShoe Mouse Right and Left Hand Light Click

To determine which size Handshoe Mouse Light Click is right for you, we recommend measuring the distance from the wrist to the tip of the ring finger (fourth finger) along the palm of the hand.


  •   SML: Small (6 1/10'' - 6 3/4'' hand measurement)
  •   MED: Medium (6 3/4'' - 7 1/2'' hand measurement)
  •   LRG: Large (7 1/2'' and up hand measurement)


Hand - Hippus HandShoe Mouse Right and Left Hand Light Click

Left Handed Mouse (L)

Right Handed Mouse (R)



Product Reviews

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  1. No more pain

    Posted by Debra Griffin on 28th Sep 2020

    I have been suffering from pain in my hand at the base of my thumb for a while due to arthritis and many, many years of using a computer and mouse. The pain is especially bad when using my mouse constantly for long periods of time. Tired of dealing with the constant pain, I looked on the internet for options. There were various types available for people with arthritis in their hands. After thoroughly researching each type of mouse, I settled on the Hippus HandShoe Mouse. I was hesitant to spend that much money at first, but my husband convinced me that if it helped, it would be worth the cost. And boy I'm glad I did. Your hand gently rests on the mouse. No squeezing or harsh/stiff movements required. I've only had the Hippus HandShoe Mouse for less than two weeks and I can really tell the difference. It took a bit to get used to the mouse as the feel is very different, but it is easy to adjust to the feel. I'd highly recommend to anyone with arthritis or hand pain.

  2. Right tool for the Right Hand

    Posted by Monica Chibber on 12th May 2020

    Prior to purchasing the Right HandShoe mouse I was suffering in pain due to poor ergonomics from working remotely in my home office. Thankfully, i found this website and was able to contact someone who was able to assist with expediting my order. I never thought I would be so happy to receive a mouse but it made all the difference. Pain in the hand, arm and neck has subsided and I can work more effectively. It truly pays to use the right tool for the job, in this case the right tool for the right hand. Thanks Applied Ergonomics!

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