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  • Liberty Conference Chair in Fixed Duron Gel Arms, Polished Aluminum w/Silver Trim Frame, Pinstripe White Back Mesh and Vellum Greenwood Seat, front side view
  • Liberty Conference Chair in Fixed Duron Gel Arms, Polished Aluminum w/Silver Trim Frame, Pinstripe White Back Mesh and Vellum Greenwood Seat - rear side view
  • Liberty Conference Chair in Fixed Duron Gel Arms, Polished Aluminum w/Silver Trim Frame, Pinstripe White Back Mesh and Vellum Greenwood Seat, front view

Humanscale Liberty Conference Chair

Brand: Humanscale
$1,016.00 $849.00
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Niels Diffrient, the designer of all of the Humanscale seating, is an icon in the industry and has led the way in designing chairs with Passive Ergonomics.  He strives for simplicity of design and simplicity of use, so that the user sets some adjustments, in this case seat depth and back height, and afterward the chair simply moves with the person sitting in it.  With Form-Sensing Mesh Technology, Liberty is unlike any mesh chair you’ve seen or experienced. With its tri-panel construction, it has the body-fitting contours that single-panel stretch mesh chairs simply can’t achieve. And it offers perfect lumbar support for everyone, without external devices or manual adjustments. Liberty’s mesh back is formed by combining three panels of non-stretch mesh in the same way a tailor combines multiple pieces of material to form a shirt. Its contours are custom-made to both fit and support the human body in unprecedented comfort.  The Liberty Chair comes with fixed height arms, which we only recommend for conference seating, or height adjustable arms that drop down far enough to be out of the way when you don't want them.


Features - Humanscale Liberty Conference

1.) Self-adjusting recline

-Intelligent counter-balance recline mechanism automatically provides 
the right amount of support through the full range of recline motion, 
regardless of user size and weight

-No tension springs to adjust
-No recline locks to set/release
-During recline, the angle between torso and legs opens up for better body function
-User maintains near constant eye level during recline

2.) Pivoting Backrest

-Extra motion of the backrest during recline automatically adjusts to the changing needs of the spine.
-Provides additional lumbar support as needed

3.) Form-sensing mesh back

-Tri-panel, non-stretch mesh construction creates body-fitting contours and self-adjusting lumbar support for a customized fit
-No external lumbar devices to adjust, break or lose
-Low-abrasion mesh protects clothing
-Modular for easy replacement

4.) Contoured seat cushion

-Carefully sculpted to match body contours
-Increased contact area reduces pressure points
-Modular for easy replacement

5.) Armrest options

-Adjustable or fixed armrests connect to backrest instead of the seat so they stay with the body during recline
-Armless model also available

6.) Body Fit

-Size-adjustable to fit more than 95% of the population
-Automatic adjustments
-Weight-sensitive recline
-Form-sensing lumbar support
-Manual adjustments
-Optional height-adjustable armrests
-Seat height
-Seat depth

7.) Casters

-3" dual-surface casters roll easily on carpeted floors and quietly on hard floors



Armrest/Armpad - Humanscale Liberty Conference

The Liberty arms are very unique. Aside from several different armpads to choose from, fixed or adjustable arms are available as well. The height adjustable arms lower down to the seat cushion and out of the way while working at a desk or on a keyboard tray.

  •   No armrests
  •   Fixed height armrests with either a Duron (soft solid foam) or Technogel pad
  •   Height-adjustable armrests featuring a 5" range of adjustment
  •   Armrests can be covered in urethane, black Xanium synthetic leather or upholstery to match the seat cushion

No Armrest    Fixed Armrest


Arm Pads

  •   Duron arms match either your frame color or shell color when ordered with a polished aluminum frame
  •   Technogel arm pads come standard with a black Xanium synthetic leather cover
  •   Duron or Technogel arms may be covered to match your seat textile


Seat Cushion

The Liberty's thin seat cushion is designed specifically for long-term sitting comfort, whether with the double foam seat or the optional Technogel cushion that maximizes weight distribution and comfort.

  •   Made of a non-degradable, non-compressible Technogel layer on top of a foam core
  •   Provides for maximum pressure distribution
  •   Offers unmatched long-term comfort
  •   Proven to reduce back stress while sitting
  •   Not available with leather, Sensuede or Spirit Millennium covered seats

This pressure map illustrates how gel reduces pressure points

Our recommendation: The gel seat has a firmer "sit" that takes a few minutes to warm up and get soft. If you sit all day and have back problems, you'll likely love it. If you are up and down more, you may prefer the standard foam cushioning.


Seat Height

The standard cylinder on the Liberty fits most of our users, but taller and shorter individuals might want to opt for the tall or short cylinder to make sure their legs get the support they need. Drafting chairs configurations are also available for high chairs with a foot ring.

Standard 5” cylinder
Appropriate for 95% of users. Provides seat height range of 16" to 21".  
L Low 3.75” cylinder
Appropriate for shorter users. Provides seat height range of 15.25" to 19".
T Tall 5” cylinder for very tall users
Appropriate for very tall users. Provides seat height range of 17" to 22.5".  
F High 8”cylinder with 18” Foot Ring
Provides seat height range of 20.5" to 28.5" along with height adjustable 18" diameter foot ring.
R High 8” cylinder with 21” Foot Ring
Provides seat height range of 20.5" to 28.5" along with height adjustable 21" diameter foot ring.

Our recommendation: Call us if you need help selecting the right height for you.



Standard Casters
3" Standard casters for carpeted floors  
S Soft Casters
3" Soft casters for hard floors  
G Glides
Non-rolling glides for fixed location use


Frame Color - Humanscale Liberty Conference

Choose your frame and base colors

Pick a matching base or add polished aluminum caps to a black or silver frame

B-Black w/Black Trim

V-Silver w/Silver Trim

L-Silver w/Black Trim

A-polished Aluminum w/Black Trim

P-polished Aluminum w/SilverTrim


Base Caps

Polished base caps are available on black or silver frames as an option, and they are standard on the polished aluminum frame.


Back Mesh - Humanscale Liberty Conference


Seat Mesh - Humanscale Liberty Conference


Humanscale Liberty Conference Chair Brochure


Humanscale Liberty Meshes Brochure

Warranty Information

Humanscale offers the following warranty on this product:

15 Years, 24/7 Limited Warranty except fabric, cushions and arm-pads which are 5 years, single shift. This Warranty is applicable to the initial purchaser only and is non-transferable. Normal wear and tear are not covered. Please see Humanscale for complete terms.

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