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Humanscale QuickStand Height Adjustable Workstation - Dual Monitor

Brand: Humanscale
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As our clients are increasingly heeding our call to spend part of the day standing, our manufacturers are answering the call with smart retrofittable solutions like Humanscale's QuickStand.  The super slim keyboard and mouse platform does a brilliant job of minimally increasing the desktop height for while you are seated.   And the mechanism for adjusting the height is easy and smooth as we expect from Humanscale.  So whether you have a desk you don't want to part with, or are buying a new desk and don't want to build it with an adjustable base, the QuickStand can be an ideal way to create a more ergonomic work environment for yourself and perhaps your colleagues as well.  

The QuickStand comes in a single or dual monitor configuration, and rises up to 18" above your desktop.  For many of you, we would still advise that you use a keyboard tray with this for seated use, as desktop computing is frankly higher than we would advise.

Sleek, sturdy and simple to use, QuickStand is the ultimate sit/stand solution for new and existing workstations. Humanscale created QuickStand to encourage users to be active and integrate movement into their days, which is vital to health. For easy installation, QuickStand clamps to any fixed-height work surface like a monitor arm. It is built with all the cables the user needs to simply plug in and go, and these cables are expertly managed for a clean aesthetic. And best of all, QuickStand doesn’t compromise the user’s desktop, leaving space on either side for paper-based work or other items.

About standing desk converters—a friendly disclaimer:

We're going to level with you up front—though many have successfully integrated standing desk converters into their work spaces, we do NOT recommend them for every user. We've learned over the course of 25+ years that for most people the most comfortable keyboarding position in slightly below the typical height for a work surface. Those who use standing desk converters incorrectly may be at risk of shoulder or upper back strain and wrist/forearm discomfort. For most, it is most ergonomically correct to use a desktop sit-stand converter in conjunction with an adjustable keyboard platform for use while seated. For convenience, we recommend a wireless keyboard and mouse.

Feel free to contact us for a recommendation, and we will deliver the proper ergonomic solution that delivers high value—and real results.

Features - Humanscale QuickStand Height Adjustable Workstation - Dual Monitor

  •   Smart clamp design allows QuickStand to adapt to most fixed-height work surfaces
  •   Adjustable platform enables the work surface to move effortlessly to the user’s desired height
  •   Stable build provides reliability to the user
  •   Beautifully designed and engineered
  •   Available in single and dual monitor configurations


Specifications - Humanscale QuickStand Height Adjustable Workstation Dual Monitor



Color - Humanscale QuickStand Height Adjustable Workstation - Dual Monitor

 The Humanscale QuickStand is available in either a white finish with gray trim or a black finish with gray trim.

White with Gray Trim   Black with Gray Trim


Video - Humanscale QuickStand Height Adjustable Workstation


Technical Specifications - Humanscale QuickStand Height Adjustable Workstation


Brochure - Humanscale QuickStand Height Adjustable Workstation


Installation Instructions - Humanscale QuickStand Height Adjustable Workstation

Warranty Information

5 Years, 24/7 Warranty

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