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  • Innovative Winston Sit-Stand Workstation Dual monitor
  • Innovative Winston Sit-Stand Workstation Cable management
  • Innovative Winston Sit-Stand Workstation Seamless height adjustment
  • Innovative Winston Sit-Stand Workstation Single monitor option available
  • Innovative Winston Sit-Stand Workstation Engineered for stability

Innovative Winston Sit-Stand Workstation

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Energizing your body. Inspiring your mind.
Instantly converts any desk into a sit stand workspace boosting health and productivity. Recent studies have shown that sitting throughout the day can have the same negative health consequences as smoking. Winston seamlessly integrates into your workday for a boost in health and wellness.

About standing desk converters—a friendly disclaimer:

We're going to level with you up front—though many have successfully integrated standing desk converters into their work spaces, we do NOT recommend them for every user. We've learned over the course of 25+ years that for most people the most comfortable keyboarding position in slightly below the typical height for a work surface. Those who use standing desk converters incorrectly may be at risk of shoulder or upper back strain and wrist/forearm discomfort. For most, it is most ergonomically correct to use a desktop sit-stand converter in conjunction with an adjustable keyboard platform for use while seated. For convenience, we recommend a wireless keyboard and mouse.

Feel free to contact us for a recommendation, and we will deliver the proper ergonomic solution that delivers high value—and real results.


Features - Innovative Winston Sit-Stand Workstation

  •   Take the work out of adjusting and replacing monitors. Simply attach, adjust, and remove all at the face of the beam. No need to slide monitors to remove. 
  •   Designed to accommodate standing work without the distraction of unwanted movement.
  •   Large natural wood surface and convenient storage tray allow you to bring all necessities with you when you stand.
  •   Retrofit your existing desk into a healthy workspace with two easy mounting options: freestanding or desk clamp.
  •   Features a 17" range of vertical height adjustment and a locking cylinder to keep the workstation in place. No manual adjustment needed.
  •   Cable clips in the column and beam keep the cables organized and out of the way.
  •   Winston is assembled in the USA using components created through a green manufacturing process.


Specifications - Innovative Winston Sit-Stand Workstation



Color - Innovative Winston Sit-Stand Workstation

The Winston Workstation comes standard with your choice of a Vista Black, Silver or Flat White monitor arm and post finish, as well as a generously sized black work surface.


Vista Black




Flat White



Video - Innovative Winston Sit-Stand Workstation


Brochure - Innovative Winston Sit-Stand Workstation


Installation Instruction - Innovative Winston Sit-Stand Workstation

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