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  • Inscape System with floating surfaces and top-mounted glass. Shown with Humanscale Freedom Chair.
  • Inscape System installation with storage-based collaboration work area
  • Inscape System workstation with free-standing height adjustable desk
  • Addwall movable glass walls with double sliding doors. Inscape System, semi-enclosed, workstations.
  • Inscape System workstation for creative work requiring dense storage pin-up space and visual privacy.

Inscape System

Brand: Inscape
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Inscape System is one of the most advanced and beautiful office furniture systems in the world.  It is interior designer, facilities manager and IT friendly, which is quite a feat.  Designers love it because Inscape System is created to work seamlessly with the rest of the Inscape portfolio, allowing virtually unlimited design flexibility.  It's clean lines and exemplary fit and finish produce a great installation, worthy of any portfolio.  Facilities managers love it because it has been engineered with a very limited kit of parts yet can be reconfigured in the field with relative ease and speed.  Inscape System is one of the few systems with true fully off-modular capability, making it practical for years of real-world reconfiguration.  IT loves it because when used with the thicker 3.5" profile, all of the data cables run in the cavity between the steel frame and the outer tile, making the cables easily accessible by simply removing the skin tiles. 

This is referred to as lay-in cabling, and means cables don't need to be pulled back through the frame, risking damage to the terminations, for reconfiguration.  Used with the thinner 2.5" profile, each panel run yields more aisle space for code requirements.  This may seem like a lot of technical talk, but when we say that furniture systems are not all the same, and allow for varying functionality that makes a difference to the end user over the life of owning the product, these are the features we are talking about.  Inscape System truly does it all, and will lower your total cost of ownership by helping to run your facility more efficiently.

Features - Inscape System

  •   A set of universal components allows limitless applications for the workspace, including low and high panel workstations, benching, collaborative work areas and private offices.
  •   Sleek, long horizontal lines, rectilinear shapes, flat top trims, and concealed technology management provide a minimalist aesthetic.
  •   Steel construction maintains integrity of fit and finish over time, even after countless reconfiguration.
  •   Integrates beautifully with Inscape post & beam, storage and movable wall products to create unified spaces.


One system. Infinite applications. A small kit of parts, maximum Flexibility, and timeless good looks allow you to create smart work-space applications for any work style.


 1.  Floor to ceiling walls inside post & beam
 2.  thin panel inside post & beam
 3.  power & data distributed through post, beam & panel
 4.  universal power & data
 5.  3 1/2" thick panel
 6.  3 1/2" thick panel connecting to 2 3/4" thin panel
 7.  universal work surface
 8.  universal storage
 9.  2 3/4" thin panel


Profile Views of Frame, Tiles and Clips


Video - Inscape System


Brochure - Inscape System


Lay In Electrical Info Sheet


Trim Info Sheet


Data Sheet - Inscape Workstation Storage


Overhead Info Sheet - Inscape Workstation Storage

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