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Instant Standing Desk Converters


INSTANTLY transform your office into a sit-to-stand environment

We at Applied Ergonomics enthusiastically endorse retro-fitting your current office space with sit-stand-enabled technology, but we realize many people simply do not have the time, budget or space to do it.

Don’t feel bad about it. There is an answer for you.

Take a look at our lineup of solutions that sit right on top of your current desktop. Some things they have in common is that they are easy to set up, operate quietly and could not be simpler to use.

Winston-E™ awarded Grand Prize
in Buildings Magazine’s
2016 Product Innovations Awards

Top-of-the-line pedigree and performance bridge the gap between robust function and modern styling

Thoughtfully designed for those who use multiple monitors and want to move more during their work day

  • Simple and quiet one-touch riser operation--17” of adjustment
  • Available in 1-, 2- and 3-monitor options with included VESA brackets that fit most of them
  • Large 30” x 18” worksurface riser
  • Extraordinary range of monitor adjustment--pivot, tilt, rotate

Here’s an ergonomic product that defies comparison because there’s really nothing on the market quite like it. It makes your transition between sitting and standing simply effortless--since the work surface and monitor arm assembly were built to move together, you need no longer be concerned with constant adjustments to create your ergonomically-correct office.