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Keep Moving with Treadmills and more



Burn more calories and feel fitter with a standing desk treadmill

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Savvy adjustable desk users have been integrating additional ways to promote movement in their work space. Sit-and-stand desk accessories, such as treadmills and recumbent bike-style exercisers, promote a significant level of activity that elicit similar health benefits to those demonstrated by using a sit-stand desk, but in a different way.


Just a small listing of the benefits:

  • They are whisper-quiet and do not distract others (or you)
  • They involve only easy, intuitive motion--no special training is required
  • They are enabled with digital technology to track your progress, and you can use this information to motivate yourself or to compete with others to get the best results
  • They are all adjustable so you can change up your workout and stay interested and motivated
  • They promote safe, low-impact motion that burns calories and discourages injury and discomfort
  • They are designed for minimal footprint/floor space requirement