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Movable Wall Systems


Everything changes—your walls should be able to also. It's all about flexibility.

When people think of movable walls, they could be thinking of one of several different product types; regardless, we carry them all.  There are movable, remountable wall systems that are used in place of drywall in an office or medical setting, there are glass office partitions and storefront office walls, there are room divider walls that slide and move accordion-style, and there are in-plant wall systems that create complete enclosed offices.  These all give your facility the benefit of accelerated depreciation schedules, accelerated construction schedules, reduced downtime for reconfigurations and increased flexibility while also yielding great environmental advantages versus traditional construction.  They will certainly help you earn LEED points or give your facility those same advantages, even if your organization isn't going for certification.  So find out how you can do well by doing good at Applied Ergonomics, your source for green office environment solutions.