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  • Front view of Bakker Elkhuizen sit-stand desk with gray base and Beech top
  • Side view of Bakker Elkuizen IQ height-adjustable desk from Applied Ergonomics
  • Before and after view of adjustable height desk from Bakker Elkuizen
  • Back-to-back views of IQ Sit-Stand Desk with gray base and black base
  • Zoomed view of simple cable management system on ergonomic desk from Applied Ergo
  • Close-up of up/down button on IQ Sit-Stand Desk from Applied Ergonomics
  • View of Bakker Elkhuizen height-adjustable desks in a modern office
  • Zoomed view of IQ Sit-Stand Desks, complete with office equipment and accessories
  • Woman working comfortably at her IQ Sit-Stand Desk with white top and black frame
  • Worker standing while working on Bakker Elkhuizen's new height-adjustable desk
  • Professional working with the IQ Sit-Stand Desk in the comfort of her office
  • Side view of professional standing at her Bakker Elkhuizen IQ Sit-Stand Desk
  • Closeup of Twist & Lock system for easy assembly of IQ Sit-Stand Desk
  • Drawn diagram of ergonomic user sitting at Bakker Elkhuizen adjustable height desk
  • Diagram of standing use of Bakker Elkhuizen's IQ Sit-Stand Desk

NEW Bakker Elkhuizen IQ Sit-Stand Desk

$200.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

Applied Ergonomics is pleased to present Bakker Elkhuisen's bold entry into the "Smart Desk" market. The IQ Sit-Stand Desk is a motorized sit-stand solution which offers its users a flexible, open work space linked to BE's state-of-the-art integrated movement management technology. Our IQ Bundle features a 2-year subscription to WORK & MOVE™ (SitStandCOACH en PitStops) software which instructs users to alternate between sitting and standing postures more frequently and to be more aware of their behavior during their work day. It is a great start to analyzing and demonstrably improving the mental and physical fitness of employees.

Beyond the groundbreaking technology, as a desk, we've noticed several things that stand out: first, sophisticated wire management portals make it simple to set up your workspace with multiple peripheral devices while keeping the wire mess under control. Also, it is extremely easy to build (and thus recommission in different work areas as needed). No screws or bolts to come loose.... no tools required. The styling and finishes are very crisp and clean, reflecting its European pedigree.

The WORK & MOVE™ software connects to your PC or Mac (not included) via a simple USB connection and can be downloaded and deployed in just minutes. Among the software features: calories burned measurement, mouse usage analysis, typing performance analysis, shortcut use and PitStops, occasional time-outs the software directs the user to take to maintain peak concentration. You can set up unique user profiles so that multiple users can use the software and export them for other applications. Group management software is also available so that an administrator can analyze and collect data from multiple users.




Easy: No tools required for assembly thanks to our patented Twist & Lock™ system

Automatic: Height-adjustable using the WORK & MOVE (SitStandCOACH en PitStops) software supplied or the on table controls.

Design: Award winning modern European design



Switching between sitting and standing while working creates more variation in working posture throughout the day. This leads to less discomfort within the back, neck and shoulders compared to sedentary sitting work a regular table (Choi, 2010; Rabbit et al, 2008;. Hedge and Ray, 2004; Karlqvist, 1998).



Name IQ™ Sit-Stand Desk
Width 1600 mm (62.99 inches)
Height 650 mm (25.59 inches)
Depth 800 mm (31.5 inches)
Weight 55.3 kg (1950.65 ounces)
Product Code 700.BNEIQSSD









Brochure - Bakker Elkhuizen IQ Sit-Stand Desk

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