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Recommended Desk Accessories


Just Standing Isn't Enough

An important part of making your workspace ergonomically correct is to minimize stressors on every part of your body,, starting with your spine. in aBack pain is something most adults experience sometimes during their lifetime, and it is critical that people who work at desks, whether sitting or standing, take steps to protect their spine from stress.

What we recommend to make your new workspace truly ergonomic

To meet our goal of movement within neutral postures that are varied throughout the day, we recommend these accessories:

  • Have a great chair for while you’re seated. A sedentary work environment may indeed be hazardous to your health, but standing all day is more than most of us can handle. Sitting, even part of the day, still requires a chair that gives your body the support it needs.
  • Consider a standing support, or “perching” chair, together with a footrest.
  • Use an anti-fatigue mat. It will reduce the pressure on your spine from standing. Some can help stimulate ankle movement, which helps pump your blood back to the heart. Others can help engage your core muscles, making you stronger.
  • Use a monitor arm. For most people, the ideal height of the monitor relative to the worksurface varies by about 4” from sitting to standing. Focal distance may change as well as you move form sitting to standing. A monitor arm that allows monitor adjustment easily both in depth and height is key.
  • Try a footrest. Of course shorter people should use footrests so their feet don’t dangle while seated. Too much pressure on the underside of your legs is bad for your circulation. But footrests are also good for taller people with back issues when seated, allowing them to get leverage to sit back in the chair and get the support of the chair back. And think of a military sentry standing stiffly. Do they look comfortable? Of course not. A footrest can help you shift your weight between legs, reducing back strain.
  • Consider using an adjustable keyboard tray with your height adjustable desk. They can still help in several ways, including adding focal distance to the monitor, minimizing reaching and ensuring a neutral wrist angle for typing. We just need to pay attention to the under-surface table support bars.
  • Consider an ergonomic keyboard and mouse. “Reaching is the enemy” and these can help reduce arm extension as well as wrist pronation.
  • Use a task light that puts light on your reference materials. As we age, we need a lot more light for our eyes, even if we don’t notice it.
  • Use a document holder. Try putting a paper down on your desk to read, and pay attention to your neck. Now lift it up so that you are looking across at it, still noticing how your neck feels. If you are a human, you’ll feel the difference.
  • Use a chair mat. These help reduce back strain while moving around on your chair. They have the added benefit of saving the carpeting from being ruined.
  • Keep moving and burn extra calories with an under-desk elliptical or a treadmill for use while standing.

Protect Your Back

(and show your feet some love)

An accessory we unreservedly advocate for sit-to-stand desk users is a Standing Desk Anti-fatigue Mat because:

Choose wisely…

All mats are not built the same

Take into account the amount of use you expect your mat to endure. For hot-desking office environments, we recommend mats constructed from more durable materials (such as polyurethane) to withstand constant wear-and-tear from multiple users. And these materials generally run the gamut from “firm” to “squishy”.

Look at your footprint where you work. For taller users or those who stand comfortably with feet wide apart, you likely require a 2’ x 3’ mat—or perhaps one even larger.

Stick with a mat with beveled edges so you won’t trip over it.

Need a color that matches your brand or decor? We’ll get it for you!

Our Partner in Creating Healthier Offices: Humanscale

We couldn’t be prouder to work with the fine folks at Humanscale, designer and manufacturer of some of the most innovative ergonomic products on the market—seating, sit-stand desks, monitor arms and more. Importantly, they are aligned with one of our key values—providing the highest quality at a fair price.

Learn more about our Humanscale offerings here.