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Desktop sit-stand converters


INSTANTLY transform your office into a sit-to-stand environment

We at Applied Ergonomics enthusiastically endorse retro-fitting your current office space with sit-stand-enabled technology, but we realize many people simply do not have the time, budget or space to do it.

Don’t feel bad about it. There is an answer for you.

Take a look at our lineup of solutions that sit right on top of your current desktop. Some things they have in common is that they are easy to set up, operate quietly and could not be simpler to use.

It is very important to select the correct desktop sit-stand desk converter that best fits your body and your needs. We've learned over our 25+ years in business that most people who touch type are more comfortable keyboarding below the typical height of a work surface, and that obviously isn't going to happen with many of today's popular models--and that's something that many of our competitors just don't account for. And frankly, for a lot of people, particular those 6' tall and over, it may not matter.

That's why we're carrying specially designed Sit-stand Converters that remove this potential risk factor.

And no matter which Sit-stand Converter you wish to use, we highly recommend a wireless keyboard and mouse so that you may more easily transition between surfaces.

Feel free to contact us for a recommendation, and we will deliver the proper ergonomic solution that delivers high value—and real results.