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Sit-stand converters instantly transform your desk


About adjustable standing desk converters:

We're going to level with you up front—though many have successfully integrated adjustable standing desk converters into their work spaces, we do NOT recommend them for every user.

We've learned over the course of 25+ years that, for most people who can touch type, the most comfortable keyboarding position is below the typical height for a work surface. While seated, 26” above the floor is an ideal typing height for most people.  Thus, adding an inch or so on top of your current desk, raising the typing height to as high as 31” while seated, is actually creating a new risk factor for shoulder or upper back strain and wrist/forearm discomfort. That’s why we advise using an adjustable keyboard and mouse platform while seated in conjunction with a desktop sit-stand converter for standing.  Yes, it’s an added expense, but avoiding new pain is worth it.

For convenience, we recommend a wireless keyboard and mouse to easily switch from one surface to the other.

Feel free to contact us for a recommendation, and we will deliver the proper ergonomic solution that delivers high value—and real results.