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Trendway Trendwall

Brand: Trendway
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Trendway's Trendwall is value leader in the demountable wall industry and a great example of intelligent sustainable design.  It represents one of the categories where green design makes sense because it is so much more efficient than traditional construction.  On top of that, Trendwall is the first Carbon Neutral and SCS Indoor Advantage certified wall system and can help your LEED project earn critical points.

Demountable walls are not new, yet most of our clients have not been familiar with them or the advantages these systems bring.  Moveable or demountable walls sit on top of the carpet and attach to the ceiling grid.  They shorten construction cycles, as they are manufactured while the mechanical systems are being built out and are brought in for installation after the carpet is down.  They can be reconfigured quickly and without mess since they usually have modular electrical components (except in the City of Chicago, which has unique electrical codes, thanks to Mrs. O'Leary's cow or the unions, take your pick) and no demolition takes place.  Movebale walls qualify for accelerated depreciation and tax credits, as well as lease financing.  More and more large projects are being built with moveable walls.

As you would expect, you can design trendwall to look as you wish.  We have an array of vinyl wallpaper, and any Trendway panel fabric can be used on Trendwall as well.  Trims complement Trendway's panel systems as well.  Workstation components like overheads and surfaces can be hung on Trendwall, saving money and space, and interchangeable brackets allow these components to be from a wide range of manufacturers.


Features - Trendway Trendwall

  •   Wall panels up to 10' high and 48" wide
  •   Covered drywall skins with acoustic dampening interiors
  •   Partial or full glass panels
  •   Modular electric system compatible with panel systems
  •   Reconfigurable and reusable
  •   Replaceable drywall skins
  •   Qualifies for accelerated depreciation and lease financing
  •   SCS Indoor Advantage and Carbon Neutral certified.



  •   Vertical channels to hang furniture components
  •   Upper transom panels


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