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Wurf™ Air Spring Platform Motion Board

Brand: Wurf™
$269.00 $99.00
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Take advantage of huge price reductions on our entire line of Wurf motion boards

Work + Surf = Wurf!
We recently learned more about the Wurf Board at a very busy booth at the ErgoExpo. It was a real hit -- people were having a great time moving around on it. Though decidedly unconventional in style and concept, the Wurf ™ Board is a great way to promote health through motion in the work space of anyone who stands at work, particularly those working at adjustable-height (or simply high) desks. You can adjust the tension from more to less springy, so the end result is that you stand upright on a surface reminiscent of a high-end inflatable paddle board—supportive yet with some "give". But now you can wear shoes while you surf (but no pointy heels, please).

Big-time benefit: people who stand while working on the bouncy
surface quickly train their body to make continuous micro-movements. This results in a number of important health benefits such as stimulating increased blood flow, improving posture by stimulating key muscle groups from the feet and up through the neck, and raising levels of alertness and focus. And this all has a major impact on your bottom line.


Work on a BETTER Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat

The Wurf™ Board is a highly supportive, lively, air-spring surface that encourages standing desk users to make continuous micro movements, which improve blood-flow so you can stand comfortably much longer. These subtle movements improve posture; strengthen feet, legs, core, and back; and raise alertness, focus, and productivity. Who doesn't want that throughout their workday?


4 models to choose from depending on your size


 A Spring-Tensioned Platform for Adjustable-Height Desks





  •   2” high curved edge massages feet arches and permits lower-leg stretches.
  •   Lightweight (3 lbs.), easy to slide in and out with your feet when switching between standing and sitting, especially helpful for people who have difficulty bending over.
  •   Fully adjustable air-spring surface, firm or bouncy, to meet your weight and performance needs. (Max. user, Sm: 200 lb, Med: 250 lb, Lg: 300 lb)
  •   Non-slip dimpled design, grips all types of flooring when weight is applied to it.
  •   Use with or without shoes (no stiletto heels)


The Wurf™ Board’s drop-stitch construction is radically different from typical inflatable toys or air mattresses. High-end inflatable paddle boards are made using similar drop-stitch construction, but Wurf™ Boards are used on hard surfaces and were thus engineered to higher levels of strength and durability. Our partners at Wurf have impressed us with their commitment to not just maintaining but improving their product's high level of quality and value, taking the ergonomic floor mat to the next level.


Inside view of a Wurf™ Board
High strength strands tensioned between the top and bottom surfaces

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