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10 Things I Really Like About My ErgoAdvantage Desk

Posted by D Pflaum on

Obviously, as a member of the Applied Ergonomics Team, I'm biased. We did a lot of research to create our new ErgoAdvantage line and make it one that delivers exceptional quality and value. Recently we've finished setting up our beautiful new open-plan office with sit-stand desks, and now that the entire team has had the opportunity to really integrate them into their work days, we have much different perspective on what they mean to us!

So let's get started. Here are ten things I really like about my ErgoAdvantage desk:

1. It's really sturdy. I am still a little bit amazed by how little it moves when I shake it. Even at tall heights (I am tall so that works out). And I have the largest size.

2. I take advantage of the three memory adjustment settings. Even I was a little skeptical when presented with this option versus the simple up-and-down switch. If I had it would I use it? Is it worth the extra money? The answers are a. YES and b. "you don't have to worry about that". By the way...

I use the three settings for sitting, standing upright and leaning on my perching stool

By "you don't have to worry about that", I mean we're giving you the 3-position switch upgrade at no additional cost. That was nice.

3. The top is really high quality. This is not your garden variety superstore laminate desktop. We only manufacture with high quality laminates like you'll find at high-end furniture dealers and every edge is protected with (at least) 2mm of matching edge bands. I am working on a fabulous-looking woodgrain laminate desktop.

4. It makes very little noise. I am a little bit A.D.D. (OK, a lot A.D.D.) and get a little nuts (OK, a lot nuts) when people make too much noise in the office. When someone on the other side of our open plan office is adjusting their desk, I can't hear it. Sold!

5. Our desks are manufactured in an environmentally responsible manner. All our factories are committed to reducing and eliminating emissions and producing materials from recycled sources. Personally, I feel better knowing we're doing something that matters in terms of the environment.

6. The adjustment range fits me and goes beyond that. When I measure, the range is about 2' at the lowest and a little over 4' at it's tallest. The average bar-high table is 34"-36" tall to give you perspective. This desk can fit an entire range of people, from very small to very tall!

7. Handy people can put it together. Caveat: I'm saying this because I am a very handy person. For instance, I've recently patched drywall in my second bedroom, installed an Edison-bulb chandelier in the dining room and must be counted on for every meaningful home repair in my household. 

Conversely, if you are not handy and don't have someone you can count on to do it, please contact us and we will put you in touch with someone who can.

And if you find yourself somewhere in the middle, call us, we're not going anywhere.

8. It's easy to add accessories. Many are much more fussy about accessories than I, but I do use a few:

  • Monitor arm
  • Keyboard tray
  • CPU holder and wire management (we don't have these online yet but can lead you in the right direction if you need one). I use the wire management solution that was included in my desk box (see #7).
  • Of course you can learn more about them at

    9. There are a lot of size options. Our best value desk is available in nominal sizes ranging from 23"-29" deep and 46" to 70" wide, which should, alone or in combination, fit any space you have available to fill.

    10. It just looks great. At the end of the day, it is simply a very stylish and cool-looking desk that fits in very well in our lovely open-plan office here at Applied Ergonomics. I'm convinced once you take a look at our finish options, you can create one that will look great (like a showpiece, perhaps?) in your home office too!

    So, what do you think?

    Do you know more about standing desks? Are you more confused than ever?

    Call us or fill out our contact form and let us know how we can help!