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Quality Ergonomic Furniture Products and Advice for Chicago Businesses

Ergonomics is all about designing workspaces for employees that focus on comfort and comprehensiveness to boost productivity, increase efficiency, and minimize the discomfort that can come with long hours spent at one location. As a national provider of ergonomic office furniture and high-quality computer workstation desks, Applied Ergonomics is here to serve as your source for the best information and equipment in the industry. Based out of Skokie, our ergonomic consulting experts and comprehensive collection of sit-stand desks strive to help Chicago businesses thrive comfortably and efficiently. The ability to move your workspace has been known to provide numerous benefits, making ergonomic consulting a very beneficial service. Our comprehensive industry knowledge is coupled with ErgoAdvantage™, our own line of ergonomic office furniture and accessories that serve to create the best outcomes for your building.

Every business is unique, requiring a personalized approach to assist you with the needs of your company, whether it is a Fortune 500 company or a home business. We put your needs first and take a holistic approach to business design. When it comes to finding the best solutions for your business, it’s important to start on the right foot. Continue reading to learn more about our adjustable sit-stand desks or contact us for an ergonomic evaluation for your property.

Adjustable-height standing desks improve general long-term health.

Adjustable Standing Desks for Long-Term Health

From our ergonomic consultants comes a full line of sit-stand desks in Chicago, delivering the best aesthetics in addition to our high-quality standards and affordable prices. You can find a full range of adjustable desks to choose from with Applied Ergonomics, from cost-effective single-leg desks to luxuriously contoured L-shaped options. Each base model of sit and stand desk we provide holds its own unique positives and negatives, with thousands of product combinations available to perfectly meet your office’s needs. All of our ErgoAdvantage desks are created to maximize affordability, with each product being produced as you order it for a truly customized outcome.

Applied Ergonomics is here to create the best possible fit for your workspace. When working with sit-stand desks that feature adjustable heights, it’s important to find the office furniture that fits your needs and budget. While your office may get along fine with our single-leg desk that features a laminate finish and minimal noise when raising and lowering, you may benefit more from our L-shaped option, which utilizes a wide range of finish options and the ErgoEdge™ advantage to reduce workplace fatigue.

Perfect your ergonomic sit-stand workstation with accessories.

Optimize Our Chicago Sit-Stand Desks with the Best Accessories

All of our adjustable desks are built to provide the most benefits and best for your business. Applied Ergonomics is dedicated to creating the best solutions for our clients, and the power of our ergonomic office furniture comes from our product versatility. If you are looking for a customized fit for your unique business, be sure to speak with one of our ergonomic consultants to find the best fit with one or more of our Top-Rated sit-stand accessories.

Applied Ergonomics Desktop Sit-stand Converters give you more options.

Standing Desk Converters to Add Versatility

While all of our sit-stand desks are designed to provide the most possible value, it’s important to remember that the Applied Ergonomics team is passionate about creating the best outcomes regardless of the limitations. Our consultants understand that not every business we assist has the time, space, or budget to implement new ergonomic equipment into the building. All of our sit-stand converters are built to provide the most customizable fit for your office while being simple to set up, even simpler to use, and providing quiet operations.

Incorporating sit-stand conversion equipment into your existing setup will require a quality fit for long-term safety and convenience. Applied Ergonomics has a wide range of ergonomic furniture to choose from for a conversion, ranging from our pre-assembled ErgoAdvantage desktop sit-stand workstation to our slim and convenient Humanscale adjustable workstation. In this industry, it’s important to consider all of the needs of your employees for long-term productivity and sustainable business practices.

After more than 25 years in the business, our ergonomic consultants have striven to design the best outcomes for our customers, from convenient conversion mechanisms that save time to lowered surface heights to allow for more comfort for touch type professionals. We are here to outfit your business for success, and all of our recommendations and products are here to serve as a vehicle for that goal.


Retro-fit your existing office to a sit-stand environment

Retrofit Bases to Create Standing Desks

Numerous clients have pointed to the amount of time and energy invested into their existing workstation desks. You may have spent a lot of resources installing your current office furniture, and swapping out now for a quality sit-stand desk may not be the most economical choice. In these cases, our ErgoAdvantage bases may provide the sit-stand benefits you are looking for without the financing or energy needed to install an entire new system.

We provide quality sit-stand desks to Chicago and beyond, and our experts are happy to help you create the most ergonomic furniture plan possible, providing expertise in how to improve workplace synergy and focus. If retrofitting a sit-stand base sounds like the right solution for your office, be sure to speak with our ergonomic consultants first! All you have to do is attach a photo of your existing desks and our experts will work with you to tailor an ideal solution that meets your budgetary restrictions while providing full sit-stand capabilities to your employees.

Standing support stools minimize fatigue associated with standing desk use.

Stools and Support for Sitting and Standing

When it comes to ergonomic furniture, consumers attain the best results when they focus on proper bodily alignments and low-impact accessories. Our ergonomic office furniture below serves to provide non-jarring, low-impact movements that serve to reduce fatigue and improve workstation comfort.

  • Saddle chairs. Finding proper spine support that promotes the freedom to stretch out at different angles can do much to reduce workplace strain and fatigue. Our collection of ergonomic computer chairs ensures that you have the perfect answer to help your employees feel and work better.
  • Standing support stools. These perches serve as standing support to give you the freedom to move about and stretch while keeping your feet on the floor. By focusing on your stabilizing muscles, these stools can help you burn more energy while requiring less effort.
  • Foot rests. Your feet can play a major role in proper alignment. Ergonomic footrests improve posture, promote improved circulation, reduce back problems, and provide an ideal platform for shorter employees. The weightless feeling will help your workers to focus on the task at hand.

Anti-fatigue standing mats make standing more comfortable and thus easier

Fatigue Mats for Standing Desks

Standing on your feet throughout the workday can provide a number of unique health benefits, but the fatigue it can put on your body may not make such practices sound like a good idea. Anti-fatigue mats are designed to promote better blood flow while also reducing the stress placed on muscles and joints. Long periods of time spent standing can place a lot of strain on the lower spine as well, increasing aches, fatigue, and the chances of work-related injuries.

Our mats are made to the highest standards to make the most of your sit-stand desks, delivering boosts to employee safety, productivity, and morale. The durability and price of your anti-fatigue mat will depend on the application of use and overall amount of foot traffic expected. Some mats are designed to minimize the fatigue from pivoting while others deliver all-over comfort for extremely long periods of standing. Investing in ergonomic furniture may be for naught if you don’t find the accessories your workers need to improve productivity while minimizing sick leave.

DESIGN - PLAN - BUILD: We do it all.

Applied Ergonomics posture and motion boards are another way to keep moving at work.

Healthy Outcomes with Motion Boards

Modern advancements in ergonomic office furniture have led to the invention of this motion board that allows you to surf while you work, hence the name “Wurf.” Our ergonomic consultants recently learned about the true value of this spring platform, with customer engagement and satisfaction leading the reasons why we were so interested. Moderately resembling a board that you surf on, the Wurf™ can benefit your team because of its:

  • Design. The air-spring structure of this work platform promotes micro movements throughout the day, increasing blood flow to allow for more long-term comfort.
  • Weight. The Wurf™ is only two pounds, making it easy to move and stuff in your office.
  • Comfort. You can stay at your sit-stand desk longer with better posture, making this board much more comfortable over standing on the floor.
  • Adjustability. Everybody is different, and this ergonomic foot pad allows for easy adjustments to change how springy your Wurf is.
  • Support. Subtle movements throughout the work day can help to strengthen your core, legs, and feet. The result is improved health, focus, and productivity.

Standing desk treadmills make it easier to integrate exercise routines at your desk.

Incorporate Exercise with Standing Desk Treadmills

Your adjustable desk may provide a wide range of benefits, but you are limited in your range of motion and mobility. Applied Ergonomics is proud to supply solutions for every individual, and our standing desk treadmills may be the perfect answer for your personal or corporate office. Our treadmills are designed to provide efficient health measures to help improve your fitness with a different approach. Our desk treadmills may be the perfect answer to your ergonomic needs because they are quiet, easy to set up, adjustable, safe, digitally advanced for tracking features, and compact for easy storage when not in use.

The convenience and comfort of our standing desk treadmills help to make improving your overall health an easier process. When investing in this technology, it’s important to find a product that focuses on user comfort and longevity. Otherwise, you may be too tired to complete your work!

Focal Upright by Safco: Industry leading design in ergonomic accessories such as standing desks, standing support stools and more.

Focal Upright Sit-Stand Desks and Accessories by Safco

For years, Focal has worked to deliver the best ergonomic office furniture in the industry. This company is comprised of ergonomic designers who are also skilled at making amazing furniture. Focal knows the value of investing in ergonomic workspaces, and their team is always working to create new products that are adaptable enough to enhance the workday for a wide range of individuals.

From standing stools to upright conference tables, you can find a diverse range of furniture and accessories from Focal. This company specializes in creating space solutions for ergonomic desks, including brackets, cable trays, shelf additions, and more.

Applied Ergonomics offers competitive finance rates for business accounts.

Applied Ergonomics offers complete DESIGN/BUILD/PLAN solutions to Chicago and across the USA

Creating a Comprehensive Office Solution

While all of the furniture and accessories available may be exciting, it’s important to remember that all of these pieces need to fit perfectly to create an ideal outcome for your investment. Applied Ergonomics is here to serve as your turnkey provider of the best solutions in the industry, relying on our comprehensive approach to ergonomic furniture to create sit-stand workstations that perfectly match the tasks and goals of your business. From space planning and design to engineering and lease financing, our ergonomic professionals can coordinate all of the tasks required with such a large-scale implementation. We can also work with you to create customized solutions, including areas such as VOC concerns and interior artwork to create the best environment for employee health and productivity.

Applied Ergonomics is here to provide the best sit-stand desks to Chicago businesses and beyond. Our ergonomic specialists hold a lot of knowledge and experience in the industry, understanding the entire process from start to finish to create the best solutions for your unique needs. Be sure to reach out to our expert team today for assistance or fill out the form below, and one of our ergonomic consultants will be sure to contact you!