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5 More Exercises When You Can’t Get Away From the Office

Posted by Applied Ergonomics on

We’ve previously covered five of our favorite exercises to do at work that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine. Because so many Americans struggle to find ways to work out and feel tied to their computer stations, we’ve compiled a list of five more exercises that we like doing when it feels impossible to get away from the office.

5 More Office Exercises

Swivel your chair. 

If you’ve got a chair that swivels, then this one is easy to do. Lift your feet off the floor, grab hold of your desk, and use your core to pivot back and forth in your chair. Doing this throughout the day is a great way to get a little work for your abs and it has the added benefit of being particularly enjoyable when you get the urge to fidget at your desk.

Squeeze your shoulder blades together. 

This is the perfect exercise to throw in any time you need to stand up. While standing, imagine you’re holding a pen between your shoulder blades. Squeeze them together and hold for ten seconds. Release the squeeze and then repeat.

Do squats on your chair. 

If you work in your own private office or you have coworkers who are aware that you’re exercising, doing chair squats is a great way to stay toned. Stand up in front of your chair and keep your arms out in front of you. Then simply lower yourself down until your bottom touches the edge of your chair. Once you’ve done this, stand back up. Repeat this one as many times as you like.

Stretch during meetings. 

If your office holds meetings each morning, then you have the perfect time to get a little stretch in. You can tilt your head back and forth, loosen up your shoulders, stretch your fingers and wrists, and flex your ankles and feet. It may not sound like much, but being good and loose when you have work to do can make the difference between feeling uncomfortable and feeling energized for the task at hand.

Find ways to laugh during the day. 

This one might sound a bit weird, but studies have shown that laughing can reduce stress. When you laugh, your stomach muscles tighten, your blood pressure goes up slightly, your heart works a little faster, and your breathing changes. It also releases endorphins in your brain which makes you feel better and stimulates circulation which decreases the physical symptoms of stress.

Maybe it’s not so hard to get a bit of exercise in after all, huh? Admittedly, none of these exercises are replacements for regular physical activity, but if you can’t find the time to step away from the office, the tips outlined above are much better than doing nothing.

Of course utilizing an ergonomic computer workstation in conjunction with exercises will be of the most help. That’s why Applied Ergonomics is committed to aligning with your values. If you have specific physical needs and require ergonomic office furniture, we’re here to help. Reach out to us with any questions. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, we’re more than happy to accommodate your needs. Contact us today and feel free to use us in any way you see fit!