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Applied Ergonomics Discusses Tips To Get Everyone In The Office Moving More

Posted by Applied Ergonomics on

These days, a large portion of Americans spend their workdays sitting at a desk. Unfortunately, studies have revealed that “sitting is the new smoking.” Even if you exercise regularly, sitting in a sedentary position for hours at a time can be risky. This revelation has inspired many companies across the country to invest in ergonomic solutions to get their employees up and moving more. If you’re ready to make the leap into the world of ergonomic furniture, it’s important to remember that products such as adjustable desks are valuable only if they are utilized correctly. Deploying health-focused measures for your office can provide considerable benefits for your team, and Applied Ergonomics is here to help!

Our team is here to outfit your office for long-lasting health solutions, and our holistic approach to ergonomic solutions helps to provide the best fit for every unique business. It is valuable to invest in ergonomic desks to provide additional movement within the office, but it can prove even more beneficial to develop strategies to help the entire office get in motion. Catch up on a few of our tips to help individuals and teams achieve optimal office health before calling today!

For Employees

Daily health measures will fall on the individual, and your employees can rely on a number of strategies to ensure they are making the most of their sit-stand desks. Beyond the act of merely standing, it pays to be more active overall while in the office. As an individual, it falls on you to take charge over your daily routines. A few ideas commonly deployed across the country may include:

  • Taking the stairs — This tip applies to employees in all situations, including those without sit-stand desks. Not only does this act get the blood pumping before you start your day, it also plays a role in positive heart health. Improve muscle tone, burn calories, and feel good when you opt for the hard way.
  • Standing during phone calls — The act of standing while conversing on the telephone can provide benefits beyond increased circulation and energy. Discussing business while on your feet can help to warm the brain up, helping employees who are trying to sound more confident, assertive, and so on.
  • Stretching at your desk — Standing for long periods of time can prove to be more uncomfortable than sitting for some individuals! While at your desk, try implementing stretches and dynamic movements to keep the blood flowing.
  • Mixing up the routine — Standing for too long can also cause problems. Before you begin your workday, try putting together a plan to mix up the positions!

For Employers

The task of implementing healthful habits will fall on the leadership at any corporate level. If you are in the management position, our ergonomic solutions may deliver an ideal platform for promoting employee health. Before you decide to invest in our high-quality sit-stand desks for your Chicago business, read up on our advice below to get an idea on how you want things done:

  • Provide training and materials for ergonomic furniture — Develop a plan that fully trains new employees in the use of your sit-stand desks. Doing so will help to improve workplace health while also preventing unhealthy outcomes.
  • Discuss the ins and outs of ergonomics — The purpose of our adjustable desks is to provide comfort for your team. It will fall on you to explain what posture changes to make throughout the course of a day, as well as what should be expected from a perfectly tailored sit-stand desk.
  • Incorporate sit-stand desks selectively if budget is a concern — Before investing in a full armada of sit-stand workstations, you can opt to install “test desks” throughout the building. This act can help to create a buzz over sit-stand desks and their value.
  • Introduce office activities — The act of implementing interactive games to keep your employees moving can deliver considerable advantages compared to static workstations. Regardless of the activity chosen, any effort that gets people up and excited about their ergonomic desk can prove to be very beneficial!

Standing is Good, Moving is Better!

Getting your workers to stand more at their workstation will certainly help to promote healthier habits, but keep in mind that movement is the key to success, not standing! Applied Ergonomics is here to provide the best ergonomic solutions across Chi-Town, delivering high-quality products such as our sit-stand desks to match our expertise and experience. Contact us today to learn more about our ergonomic furniture choices, and be sure to schedule your free consultation!