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Important Considerations When Investing In Sit-Stand Desks Part 2

Posted by Applied Ergonomics on

Statistics and changing public perceptions have led to one conclusion in the workplace — sitting is the new smoking. Modern workplaces across the country rely on a dedicated workforce that often spends more than eight hours a day sitting at the computer. While working hard being productive are top priorities for companies of all sizes, extra attention should be focused on long-term health and the value of ergonomic furniture. Adjustable desks, for example, are an innovative solution that gives users the ability to raise and lower their working surface height. The result is more flexibility in posture less time spent restrained to a chair. While stand-up desks are a versatile solution, numerous factors need to be considered before investing.

Applied Ergonomics is here to provide professional sit-stand desks to Chicago businesses and professionals. Our holistic approach to employee health and productivity ensures that your enterprise is outfitted with the best outcome for your industry needs, from ergonomic desks to sit-stand workstations and more. We’re passionate about helping our customers find the best fit, and our blog posts focus on educating potential buyers. Today, we’ll conclude our look into some of the biggest considerations when investing in sit-stand desks for your company.

Operating Speed

Having the need for speed with an adjustable standing desk means that you will be required to consider the pace of your equipment’s procedures. Many companies purchase adjustable desks expecting the best in modern ergonomics, only to find that their new products are slow and sluggish. Even minor slowdowns during raising or lowering operations can affect your bottom line. Over the course of a week, think about how many employees will be adjusting their desk, and how frequently. Time is money, and time is saved by investing in the right sit-stand desk. Doing so will also enable your employees to adjust their workstations more frequently, which should lead to more comfortable outcomes.

Weight Restrictions

Every business is different, requiring unique combinations of tools and equipment to accomplish the tasks at hand. Your business may only require a laptop and lamp at each workstation while others rely on more equipment and heavier machines. Ultimately, the strength of your adjustable desk will play a major role in its daily value for your employees. Be sure to check the weight restrictions on your new desks and compare them accordingly with your business needs.Applied Ergonomics is here and available to help, so be sure to browse our selection of ergonomic desks before calling today!

Operational Convenience

Most employees prefer convenience and automation whenever possible to save time and energy with repetitive actions. If your office is full of workers who like to shake up their environment, an advanced sit-stand desk may be the perfect answer. Businesses that require a lot of equipment (light bars, additional plug ports) will require specialized solutions that are as time-saving as they are cost-effective.

Items such as privacy screens can enhance the individual’s experience while reducing the desk’s performance. We recommend seeking out professional help to find the exacting solutions for your office. There are numerous styles, sizes, and price points to choose from for the best fit. While electric standing desks are a top choice, for example, pneumatic and hand-lift desks are also available!

Functionality and Comfort

Finding the right equipment for your office can be a challenge. It is important to consider the design of your building’s interior and how your new desks will fit into the picture. Aesthetics play a big role in your business, so be sure to include elements that enhance space. It is important to consider how all of the previously mentioned points fit into the overall dynamic of your office. Those privacy screens may not fit with your floor plan, or the motorized stand-up desks may be too loud for your line of work. In any cases, Applied Ergonomics is here to provide comprehensive assistance!

Accessories may be used in addition to your adjustable desks for added comfort throughout the workday. Additional items such as floor mats, steps and risers, and more can help to reduce fatigue.

Final Price Tag

Ultimately, the final price will have the biggest impact on most business decisions. Investing in sit-stand desks in Chicago can be a serious undertaking, even for the more established businesses. Managers shopping for large teams can expect to see the cost of minor improvements quickly add up. Every aspect of your sit-stand workstation should be carefully considered to ensure a result that improves employee ergonomics while staying within budget.

Financing your ergonomic furniture and required equipment can prove to be a major task, but Applied Ergonomics is here to help. We have established good relationships with multiple leasing companies to provide businesses of all sizes with quality financing solutions. Every company is different, so be sure to work with our finance team to find an ideal outcome for your establishment.

If your company stands to benefit from our ergonomic desks, be sure to contact us today for quality assistance!