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Should You Stand All Day At Your Desk? Our Ergonomic Furniture Pros Explain

Posted by Applied Ergonomics on

Adjustable desks and other ergonomic furniture have come a long way over the years, with businesses across the country looking for the best long-term solutions to increase their employees’ health and happiness. Before you purchase a standing desk, though, it’s important to perform research and ensure it is the right fit for your company.

Applied Ergonomics specializes in providing ergonomic solutions such as our sit-stand desks in Chicago, and we’re happy to deliver expert support nationwide. We provide a holistic approach to ergonomics, taking every step we can to ensure that your office is outfitted for success.

Today, we’ll highlight the dangers of standing all day, as well as our advice for creating the right mindset for your adjustable standing desks. Be sure to call us today

The Dangers of Extended Standing

Professionals have exclaimed that ergonomic furniture can help to increase blood flow and improve movement, but sit-stand desks themselves do not create any movement. Standing still with the knees locked can be similar to sitting for prolonged periods of time, as blood will begin to pool in the legs and feet. Over time, the gravity and pooling of blood to the legs can put strain on the veins and cause inflammation. This means that standing desks aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution.

Applied Ergonomics is here to provide a full range of ergonomic desks to businesses in Chicago and across the nation, and our team will take every step to ensure that your office is outfitted with the knowledge needed for a healthy workspace. Standing in a sedentary position can prove to be nearly as bad for your team as sitting if the proper precautions aren’t taken!

Our Tip? Change Your Position

Adjustable standing desks are beneficial because they can allow staff to work at more than one height. Everyone is different in terms of their preferred work height, so be sure to change your position once in every 45 to 60 minutes to see if a new level provides comfort. It’s important to remember that each employee will have their own preference, with some choosing to sit over stand because they can focus better.

Avoid Being Sedentary

Sitting or standing too much can prove problematic, but switching back and forth between these positions at work can prove ideal in terms of employee energy and health. Investing in a sit-stand desk from our Chicago team with programmable heights can provide an easy platform for moving from sitting to standing in a matter of seconds. Standing can provide a new way to work, with more room for movement along the way. If you’re making micromovements, your muscles and veins will feel much better due to the increased circulation.

Avoid Skipping Breaks

No matter your plans or intentions, working long hours at an adjustable desk can result in long periods of inactivity. It helps to time breaks and set alarms, even if it is just for a couple of minutes at the top of every hour. Setting time aside to stretch, take a walk, and get some fresh air can do much to clear your head before getting back into work.

Many employees like to spend long chunks of time glued to their screens, working the day away. We recommend combining all of our tips by incorporating movements at your desk, consisting of stretches, calf raises, or any other activity. Getting in the habit of moving regularly can avoid the dangers of standing for too long, and may also prove helpful in improving employee health.

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