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Tips To Minimize The Dangers Of Sitting Too Much In Addition To Our Standing Desks

Posted by Applied Ergonomics on

There has been a lot of buzz recently surrounding the negative impacts of sedentary lifestyles and how our modern workplaces require hours of idle sitting. Many experts now champion ergonomic furniture solutions to assist in reducing the long-term strain brought on by repeated work motions. Applied Ergonomics has been in the business of providing quality products and solutions for all of our customers for years, providing versatile products such as our sit-stand desks to Chicago businesses. We take a holistic approach to providing comprehensive workplace solutions to keep your team happy and healthy all year long.

There has been a lot of talk about the dangers of sitting too much, yet many people are not seeking out the best solutions to increase their employees’ health. Today, the Applied Ergonomics team will look at a few tips that may help you and your workers keep active. If more support is needed, our stand-up desks are available to perfectly match your needs and budget!

Avoiding Sedentary Workdays

A lack of movement can be very harmful over the course of your lifetime. A composite of 13 studies found that individuals who sat for at eight least hours a day with no exercise were as much at risk of dying as those who were obese or smoke frequently. While we lack the evidence needed to prove the specific causes of this health risk, all studies have pointed out that exercise at any level is very beneficial.

Beyond the obvious benefits offered by our sit-stand workstations, you can incorporate many other simple practices into the workplace to promote better employee health. A few healthful ideas may include:

  • Education on breaks. Many people get “in the zone” and go for hours at a time in a stationary, sitting position. You can quickly address a plan or post it in the hall reminding employees to stand every 30 minutes or so. In the long run, this should improve health and productivity.
  • Stand while waiting. Those that spend time on the phone or waiting on online meetings can take the time to stand while they are engaged. Throughout the day, standing and minor pacing may prove to be much preferable over sitting for hours on end!
  • Incorporate team exercises. One proactive approach includes health challenges that can promote fitness and movement throughout the day. Whether this challenge includes hourly pushups, bi-hourly walks around the office, or simply skipping the elevator in favor of the stairs, your team can find the motivation to get moving.
  • Host mobile meetings. One approach that can work in certain workspaces is the concept of walking while you talk. Minor meetings can be held at a steady walking pace, giving everyone the ability to catch some fresh air while being productive.
  • Utilize an exercise ball. Many fitness seekers look for devices that can help promote movement. An inflatable ball, for example, may be the perfect tool to help you sculpt your core while encouraging active movements throughout the day.

Minor Changes, Big Improvements

Ultimately, the minor enhancements introduced into your business should assist in helping your employees feel better. With improved posture, more energy, and more healthful outcomes, your team will be able to succeed today and in the future. Any minor movements can yield major advantages over being immobile! It pays to work with an ergonomic professional to find the best combination of furniture and practices to balance the stresses of your workplace.

Try Our Ergonomic Furniture Solutions

Providing your employees with modern equipment may be the best choice in providing everyone with ergonomic advantages. Applied Ergonomics is here to provide cost-effective solutions that can drastically cut down on the amount of time your employees spend sitting. Our ergonomic desks, foot pads, Wurf™ Boards, risers, and stools can all work in tandem to create a truly ideal fit for your business. We have the experience, financing, and quality ergonomic furniture to fit the demands of many industries.

Finding ergonomic solutions for your business can be a challenge, as financing is often dedicated to other priorities. If you’re on this page looking for sit-stand desks for your Chicago business, Applied Ergonomics is here and ready to help. Our team is ready to take a comprehensive look at your workplace needs to provide honest, effective solutions. Contact us today to learn more!