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Our clients are unique, with their own unique needs. We meet each one where they are. Most come to us to provide an ergonomic assessment with complete solutions for a move or remodel of their offices, including those who are looking for ways to go green. Some people are referred by their therapist or physician for an ergonomic intervention in their office, whether at home or in their place of work. Many of our best clients came to us this way and were so pleased with how we handled this for an individual that they now use us for all of their needs. Others shop from our on-line store. To borrow a phrase from the computer world, our services are scalable to fit our clients’ needs.

So is Applied Ergonomics, as one of the few A-grade non-aligned contract furniture dealers in the Midwest. This lets us choose the best products for your specific needs from among our scores of independent, top-quality manufacturers, not just huge manufacturers who saddle their dealers with huge quotas. There has never been a better time to be non-aligned. Our independent manufacturers have been aggressively designing great new ergonomic equipment product lines that you need to see.
We are among the nation’s elite Ergo-VARS (ergonomic value-added resellers) who know office ergonomics inside and out, the most effective products on the market and how to implement them.
And we are the only dealer we know of who has bridged these disciplines to bring you, our clients and design community associates, the full benefits of this synergy.
Applied Ergonomics Our Relationships