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How to select a Sit-Stand Desk for your Home or Office

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Create a personalized sit-and-stand desk workstation…
without the hassle, without the confusion

There are seemingly endless options to pick from when shopping for an adjustable workstation. We’ve picked the best of the best (and have leveraged our 25+ years experience in prescription furniture) in order to make the process a little bit simpler without sacrificing your comfort or usability.

Which kind of base should I choose?

How many legs do I need on my base?

We currently offer one-, two- and three-legged sit-and-stand desks. Each has its own weight capacity and suggested size of surface that should be attached to the top for the safest use.

One-legged bases: Our center column bases are recommended for use with small rectangular or cockpit desktops, typically 36" to 42” wide. The choice between a single center column and a dual leg base, when used with a small surface, comes down to convenience with the chair base movement and the freedom of movement for your legs.

Two-legged bases: Most of our dual leg bases are expandable and recommended for use with rectangular desktops from 24” to 30" deep and 44” up to 84" wide. We do have bases that can accommodate surfaces as shallow as 18” and others that can handle 36” deep desks.

Three-legged bases: If your surface has an angle or you want to raise multiple surfaces as one, then you most likely need a three-legged base.

Or PLAN A NEW OFFICE CHOICE... call us for information on integration of adjustable-height desks into your new or existing desk systems… we do it all!

What base finishes are available?

To match the most existing desktops out there, and to look the best with our proprietary desktop designs, we typically offer bases in silver, white and black. Need a specific color? We'll be happy to source custom colors for you.

What sort of controllers are available?

• Two-button up-down switch: as the name implies, this is the simpler, more basic option.
Memory-enabled switch: these bases feature several memory settings for an electric height-adjustable desk so that users can recall desk heights they find most comfortable for each task. This option costs between $50 and $100 for most bases.

Does Applied Ergonomics sell the base by itself?

Yes! Many people have a perfectly nice desktop they still wish to use that matches everything else in their office. Others may want a unique surface material that we don’t carry. Just please pay attention to weight range limitations. We’ll just need to confirm that your particular surfaces will work as you intend.

Which kind of desktop should I choose?

What range of finishes do you offer?

Virtually any finish you can think of as long as it can be applied to a desktop surface! But there is definitely a small group of finishes we heartily recommend. There are literally thousands of different desktop surface finish options in the marketplace, and our selection of standard finishes was curated to meet two goals:

1. The ability to match with existing furniture outside (and within) our own range of products.
2. Fashion… the latest hot colors combined with timeless, tried-and-true favorites.

Stock finishes for our laminate desktops

Each features a matching 2mm+ PVC edge band

Click any swatch below to see larger (opens in new page).

Stock finishes for our vinyl-wrapped ErgoEdge desktops

Finishes are seamlessly applied to edges

Click any swatch below to see larger (opens in new page).


Can Applied Ergonomics provide surfaces not shown on the website?

YES! In addition to our web offerings, we can provide:

  • Custom shapes and sizes
  • HPL from every major manufacturer--many with matching PVC edges
  • Custom veneer and hardwood edge surfaces in a variety of species, including cherry, maple, walnut, oak, anigre and sapele, in standard stains or stained to match
  • Solid wood surfaces: butcher block, reclaimed wood, live edge...
  • Linoleum
  • Stainless steel wrapped


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Standard desktop


Look for the "ErgoEdge" button on all our contoured-edge desks


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